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Zaharoplastio “O Faros”

Thermopilon 7, 22757362, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Fri 6:00-15:15
When I travel abroad, like many other visitors, the first thing I look for are hidden gems that do not look like much but offer something unique and which only locals would know about. In fact, this is one of the reasons I wanted to start the Cypriot and Proud concept in the first place: to be able to reveal these hidden gems to the keen travellers that were after something more special than mainstream shops and restaurants. In the case of Nicosia, these would include faros bakery nicosia“Zaharoplastio Giorgos” for the best “galaktoboureko” (milk cream in filo) in the capital, Hurricane for amaretto cookies, La Parfait for pistachio cookies and of course, “Zaharoplastio Faros” for traditional pastries.
It is one of the oldest and simplest family-owned bakeries or rather, patisseries, that offers only a handful of pastries, but all of them are worth trying. Apart from an excellent “tiropitta” (cheesepie), “eliopitta” (olive pie) and “halloumopitta” (halloumi cheese pie), what it particularly known for are the savoury “koulourakia” (sesame prfaros bakery nicosiaetzels) which are so popular that Faros now even sells them to a number of supermarkets. Its “pastoudes” (sweet biscuits) are not far behind and are even appropriate for Orthodox fasting.
Last but definitely not least, most of the loyal Faros’ clients (myself being one of them), do visit it for their all-time famous, “tahinopitta” (tahini pie). What makes it special is Ms Chrystalla’s home-made dough which, looks like puff pastry but in fact it is not. A secret ingredient made in a special way is what makes all the difference!
What you have to remember is that it closes at 15:15 in the afternoon so go early. If you want to try their “tahinopitta” it is safer if you go before lunch time. If you, like me, drive 15 minutes just to get one you might even want to call beforehand just to be sure they don’t run out!

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