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Cambana Booze and Cuisine

Saripolou 59, 99119002, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Sun 11:00-3:00
Food: [rating:2] 2/5
Service: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
Ambiance: [rating:3] 3/5
As I am writing this post I find myself repeating what I have written about other bars in the same area. Apart from the fact that each bar has a different name and (only in some cases), different music, 70% of the bar/restaurants on Saripolou Square are more similar than different.
Together with a predictable menu of cocktails and a basic wine list most have different variations of the same food. How lovely would it be if each of the bars on the square were different in order to accommodate different tastes and age groups? If for example, there was a tapas bar/restaurant, a sushi bar, a good wine bar, a comfortable lounge space, a club and a Cypriot or Greek bar/taverna?
I give it to Cambana. They in fact try to diversify their food menu but, in my opinion didn’t work as well as it could have. I generally don’t have a problem with a short menu but having only pork chops, burgers and a couple of salads (including badly misspelled “Seasar salad”) is certainly not enough. As we had to go to dinner elsewhere we only got to try theirCambana bar and restaurant Limassol starters. The quesadilla looked interesting so we decided to give it a shot. Apart from the fact that the pita bread was burnt, the sweet peppers were in fact simply, sliced raw green and red peppers and not the sweet Spanish peppers that I expected. Fortunately we ordered the pineapple sauce on the side as it was overwhelmingly sweet and tasted like sugary pineapple juice. The good thinkg was that there was enough melted cheese to cover the taste of burnt bread. At this point I feel it is only fair to mention that the weird quesadillas experience was easier to go through due to the overly friendly and attentive staff who didn’t make it easy to complain and even leave without ordering main dishes.
Don’t get me wrong, apart from the food, there is nothing wrong with the ambiance or decor, I just didn’t think it was that different to what we have seen around the square. The verdict is one: if you want to eat good food go to Yiagkini, if you want to drink good wine or special cocktails go to (In)Theory, if you want good music go to Meli Bar and if you want to stand or sit on a high table with average wine and cocktails at a good price go to any of the above.


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