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Café Fleuri

Omirou 38B, 25584452, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Sat 7:30-19:00 (except Wed-Sat 7:30-14:00)
Yes, you have guessed correctly: Cafe Fleuri is all about coffee and flowers. The very kind and friendly, Angela, decided not to choose between her favourite things (i.e. cooking and her flower shop) and instead she combined these in a mini garden of Eden right in the centre of Limassol. If you happened to see it as you were driving by it might not have looked like much but if you were one of those who Cafe Fleuri Limassolstopped to have a light sandwich or a piece of apple pie you would know that it is not all about first impressions!
The flower-shop-part of Café Fleuri is run by Angela and offers everything from custom made bouquets for all occasions to event decorations. Apart from a selection of flowers and pots, being a fan of natural products and remedies she also sells some pure Aloe Vera products, from body creams to scrubs.
The shop is small but has enough space for a few cute tables inside and outside. The setting reminded me of a French brasserie. Together with coffee or tea, Angela also offers local wine, fresh lemonade and juices, as well as light snacks as cooking and baking is something she Cafe Fleuri Limassolcouldn’t leave without! The cafe is also great for a light lunch or a snack as part of what Angela makes is an open prawn sandwich with a prawn cocktail sauce, a halloumi sandwich with an olive paste, a fantastic turkey and cheese sandwich with salad in a brown bread or a fulfilling smoked salmon sandwich for merely 3.50€–4.50€. You can’t leave without trying one of her home-made desserts that change regularly. I tried to resist but it is not an easy task as the smell of freshly baked cake alone makes it impossible to stay away. I was lucky enough to try a classic home-made apple pie with ice cream with a generous amount of seasonal apples as well as generously thick yet moist tasty crust. Brownies, cinnamon buns and other seasonal cakes are some of the options Cafe Fleuri Limassolthat change depending on the day.
People keep talking about supporting local shops, about moving away from international franchises and places without character. It seems that this is what some might had in mind when they were talking about friendly, local cafés with a personal touch that prepare everything with tender, love and care. If it is for a flower bouquet for a special occasion, a light meal, an afternoon coffee with a home-made cake or even a mini gathering-party with canapés at the premises, Café Fleuri is worth it.

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