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Agias Zonis 35C, 25761276, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Fri 11:30-15:00
Allegedly as a country becomes more developed it also becomes more health conscious. Although recent economic events would question whether Cyprus is as “developed” as we would have liked to believe, we have fortunately become more “health conscious” over the last few years. Cypriots are a lot more aware of the qualities of organic produce and the benefits of  healthier nutrition, fitness and mental wellness. This is evident for example in the number of Yoga and
vPilates centres which are increasing rapidly. Places like Sensifood are exactly what we need to keep this trend going. Looking at the take-away food sector, Sensifood has actually managed to fill a gap in the market, the healthy side of a working lunch. Instead of offering the usual salads and brown-bread sandwiches, it has taken it a step ahead of competitors and offers cooked healthy food with a large vegetarian selection. Apart from healthier methods of cooking like not using oil or fats they also use low temperature cooking and light simmering to prepare their food. To make it interesting and tasty, they change their menu daily with a relatively large selection of dishes that can be combined. My oven baked zucchini and eggs dish, despite having been cooked with no oil and being low salt, was very tasty, and so was SensiFood Limassolmy chicken and vegetable burger. I was very tempted to have the oven-baked cod with vegetable mash and steamed vegetables or the veggie lasagne but I thought I would leave something for next time. Something to note is that, the food did indeed need a bit of salt and a bit of oil to enhance the taste but I took that as a sign of how pure and “clean” it is. That means that, instead of overloading it with salt and MSG to make you think its tastier, they leave it up to you to add as much as you want!
For the ones with a sweet-tooth who also want to keep healthy, there is the “healthy” dessert option. My sugar-free fruit and wheat pudding was a great substitute to my afternoon dessert, especially due to the fact that I knew that it was 100% sugar free.
What I may have expected from Sensifood would be to use more organic products, but then again that would drive the price up significantly. Furthermore, the fact that organic ingredients are not so easy to source in our little country is an issue.
Nevertheless, the fact that Sensifood exists to offer something different is a great start, especially since you can have your meal delivered to your door!

Check out for their daily menu

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