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Kafenion Meres Argias

Ippokratous 19, 99021362, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 17:00-1:00

It’s not that I don’t like the fact that the old city of Nicosia is becoming popular. We have been, after all, hoping it would happen for years. I will say however that I would have preferred it if it looked more picturesque and if the places opening in the city were more divere such as for example in Barcelona -it would be great to see more retro bars, andMeres Argias Cafe Nicosia cool “kafenedes” than just frozen yogurt and coffee shop chains.
It seems that there is one area in the old city however which has indeed moved towards this direction I am referring to the area around the Leventis Museum and Aristokyprou street. If you ignore the old-school Laiki Gitonia shops which are just as you remember them from the 80s, the cafes and the mixture of older local people and an interesting young crowd give an entirely different vibe to the pedestrian street of Ippokratous. There is “Fotografion”, a new and quite cute “kafenes”, Nicosia Tea Shop- what looks like a fantastic place,  and “Meres Argias” which was where I chose to have my coffee on this particular occasion.
I think this is  how one would have imagined the modern “kafenes” back in the 70s: it has kept a traditional look with colourful Cypriot, wooden, chairs, as well as a traditional menu. Apart from Cyprus coffee for 1€, there is the option of Nescafe and Frape for 2.50€, or the old time classic “rose milk” for the same price. Beers, ouzo and zivania by the glass cost 3-4€ while a small carafe of “tsipouro”, “ouzo” or “zivania” costs 8€. You can also find a few simple options for “nibbles” at “Meres Argias” such as simple pita sandwiches at 3€.
It might not be the epitomy of innovation and creativity, but it is a simple, modern but traditional place where you can find value for money in a happy, picturesque and cute ambiance from another era.

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