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Nicosia Tea Shop

Aristokyprou 20A, 22767271, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun 9:00-00:30
If I had to show to a foreigner what being Cypriot and Proud is about, through elements that represent our tradition and culture, Nicosia Tea Shop would be a good place to start. Just where I expected it to be a London style, rustic tea place there comes a place that looks like a traditional “kafenes” with a wide selection of Cypriot teas, refreshing drinks, alcohol and nibbles from all over the country.
Although it is situated in the old town it is at the entrance of Laiki Gitonia, a rather qNicosia Tea Shopuiet and easily accessible location. The space is simple yet cute, fitting in perfectly with its surroundings. The fact that it is small but spacious makes it an easy choice for an afternoon coffee if you are would like to get away from the city crowd and the everyday noise.
Something that would personally make me return to the Tea Shop and choose it over another café, is its choice of beverages. As I don’t drink coffee in the afternoon and most of the time it is too hot to have tea I actually have a problem finding light and refreshing drinks. In this case I actually had a choice of three different refreshing beverages, none of which was my usual smoothie! Choice 1: milk with rose flower syrup, not that light but very tasty and refreshing. Choice 2: “kanelada”, a Greek drink with a cinnamon flavour served with water- beingtea house2 a huge fan of cinnamon I wanted to have this but they had run out. Choice 3: “soumada”, a rather popular, local drink consisting of almond syrup served with warm or cold water being mildly sweet and at the same time light and refreshing- which is what I ended up having.
I actually enjoyed it even more than I expected as it was served with home-made “koulourakia” (biscuits) and “trimithopitta”, biscuits made of a local herb I had never tried before. Lemonade, chocolate milk and local coffees constituted the rest of the non-alcoholic drinks list, as well as of course, a very large choice of local organic tea. The fact that each tea came with a list of why it is good for you was something I had never seen before (and which me steal one of the menus for my personal use)! How would I otherwise know that white tea is a strong antioxidant and thyme tea is good for treating coughs?
From what I heard despite its name, the Tea Shop is very popular at night for a relaxed local drink, also because twice a week they have live Greek music. “Zivania” and ouzo, nibbles like local charcuterie and cheese as well as organic wine are what one could enjoy in this lovely space during the evening.
Needless to say that value for money is high. Another thing to mention is all of the types of tea, home-made “koulourakia” (biscuits), a number of marmalades and local candied fruit are also available to take home. I am definitely going to buy some of their goodies next time  I go to the Nicosia Tea shop (and I am guessing it will be rather soon!).

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