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Lost + Found Drinkery

Gladstonos & Vyronos corner, (no phone number available) LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Wed Sat 18:00-1:00
If you would like to contact Lost + Found you can use their Facebook account. Please not that they do not take reservations.
Having lived in Limassol for the past two years I have noticed two main differences in the cities nightlife:
– Limassol, despite having a couple of fantastic restaurants has more bars whereas Nicosia is more focused on restaurants and cafes, something linked to the fact that Limassol is more lively and buzzing throughout the week
– Nicosia has more individuality in its venues, even though Limassol has a couple of fantastic fine-dining restaurants that stand out (which Nicosia lacks).
The brand new and talked about Lost + Found, while bringing the capital closer to Limassol in thLost + Found Drinkery Bar Nicosiae “number of bars” section, also enhances point #2. Its individuality comes from 3 main factors: its location, the fantastic cocktails and its funky 70’s décor.
Being away from the central streets (yet in a central location), can be a double edged sword, mainly because it takes longer for people to know you and you rarely attract passers by. In my opinion it is, however, a major advantage since the crowd it attracts is more selective, it is away from noise and it is by definition, impossible to be compared to something else since there is nothing else like it.
The fact that the list of cocktails one can enjoy is indeed, something unprecedented makes it easier for people to go the extra mile for a drink at Lost + Found. Most of the locals (myself included), probably did have a chance to enjoy Dinos, the bartender’s cocktails at one of his parties or private events, evident from the amount of people from the first week of opening. What I thought shows the experience put into the bar is firstly the cocktail map that provides guidance according to taste. If you like a strong, sour drink for example try the Zombie, but if you would rather have a bittersweet light drink, you would be better off going for an Aperol Spritz. For me the must-try is the Passion Velvet as it combines my favourite flavours: sour, fruity and spicy,yet ranks medium in terms of “alcohol strength”. The map comes Lost + Found Drinkery Bar Nicosiaof course, with the detailed cocktail menu that has a description of the flavour combo in each cocktail, ideal for us ignorant cocktail lovers
The whole cocktail vibe is in-line with the retro 70’s décor reminding of a typical tiny yet packed, London cocktail bar that you would have to ring a bell to enter. I think the inside space has a lot more character, but getting a table or a stool might be a non-trivial task. The high tables and benches outside are just enough to keep the amount of people to a good number, although if you go on a weekend queues for a cocktail cannot be avoided. Rumour has it that they are adding a second bar outside for quicker-to-prepare drinks. Food? Unavailable at the moment (hopefully)!
Overall: for the cocktail lovers that are looking for something different, something alternative at a new level of quality and detail it is a must-try. Forget the pretentious, socialite bar scene and embrace the cool and chilled out cocktail vibe!

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