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New cafe, bar and restaurant arrivals worth mentioning!!

Even though I try to prioritise reviews of new arrivals, being one person it is often a bit difficult to write a full review on every single bar, café and restaurant on its first weeks of opening. To make sure everyone is kept updated I am including a summary of the latest arrivals in the capital. Feel free to contribute for any new openings that were left out.

Ex “Seven” cafe/restaurant has now turned into a sports bar/pub with an American style menu that looks delish! Get ready for the opening on Wednesday 20/11/2013.
Mykinwn, 70006300, NICOSIA

Platia 1
New café/restaurant on Platia Eleftherias. The food offered is international as well as local including dishes like burgers, kebab, sandwiches and home made desserts.
Filokyprou, 22675661, Platia Eleftherias, NICOSIA

Brew Lab
At the beginning I was confused as ther was another “Brew” bar in the old city but after I have seen it this is definitely something new. At first glance it looks pretty cool and relaxed, being small and cosy. Also at the top of my list!
Stasikratous, NICOSIA

Property café/bar
In a small street off Onasagorou you can find this small and cute café/bar serving value for money coffProperty Bar Cafe Nicosiaee and cocktails. An international food selection is also available including burgers, chicken dishes, salads and pasta.
Aristotelous, 22660120, NICOSIA

Kafeneio o Platanos
At the top of my list as the brand new authentic café in Pallouriotissa. Rumour has it the owners make all the furniture and ornaments themselves, creating a pleasant buzz.
Arch. Makarios, Pallouriotissa, NICOSIA

Buono Lounge Bar Nicosia
Fortunately the spot of Le Cafe on Makarios Avenue didn’t take long to fill. Buono is the Buono Cafe Nicosianew cafe, restaurant and bar open all day, every day, offering coffee, cocktails and an international food selection. Rumour has it that it gets quite busy in the afternoon and evenings.
Arch. Makarios ave, 22754445, NICOSIA

It was on the top of my to-try list until last week when I had finally visited it. The hottest new opening of the capital in a quiet area just on the border of old/new city with a fantastic vintage, classy décor and very good international menu. Must-try are the burger and the desserts. Read More
Athinas, 22101228, NICOSIA

Lost + Found Drinkery
A brand new bar with heavenly cocktails. It might be a bit further out from the very centre, yet still central with a London-retro décor. Read More
Gladstonos & Vyronos corner, NICOSIA

Tubo Cocktail & Wine Bar
Relatively new bar opening in a good location on Sofouli street with a pleasant atmosphere. Food is also served mostly in the form of platters. Read More
Sofouli, 22666630, NICOSIA

Nicosia Tea Shop
It might be open for a few months now but I feel it is worth mentioning for its individuality, its quality and its love for local products. Apart from a large selection of organic tea made in Cyprus you can find local refreshing drinks like rose milk, “soumada” and fresh lemonade. Read More
Aristokyprou, Laiki Gitonia, NICOSIA

Another cute and traditional coffee shop, or rather “kafene” in Laiki Gitonia. The fact that you can have your coffee next to the elderly people of the neighbourhood is an added advantage.
Ippokratous, Laiki Gitonia, NICOSIA

Orexi Na ‘His
a modern taverna with well priced food (mainly on-the-grill) that seems to have captured a large Limassol audience for a casual meal. The restaurant also offers Take-Away and Delivery.
Gr. Afxentiou, 25728001, LIMASSOL

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