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Burger Mania: Part II

Since I published an article on the burger mania that is taking over the capital (view it here), I believe it is only fair to acknowledge the fact that Limassol is not far behind with a few exceptional burgers. What is missing is, perhaps, a proper gourmet burger house, even though I am sure it is not far behind.

Library Bar

The Library Bar burger is, in my opinion, one of the best ones in all aspects. The beef is aromatic with lots of herbs, and despite being a bit heavy, it tastes great. The brioche is soft and semi-sweet, and the triple fried fries are exceptional, being crunchy, salty and perfectly tasty. Even the presentation is up to standards as it is served on a wooden board. Indeed a must-try! Read More
Themidos 1, 25361362, LIMASSOL

Milk Bar
Milk Bar Limassol

I would also add the burger of Milk Bar on my top list as one with very good quality beef and bun. It is for the ones that like it plain to enjoy a clean flavour of beef as there is no salad inside the burger and the herbs and aromas are kept to a minimum. The fries that come with it are thinly cut and are quite tasty (even though I prefer the thicker ones) with a choice of proper thinly sliced, home-made crisps. Another must-try gourmet burger! Read More
Makarios Ave 226, 25354100, LIMASSOL

Chesters Pub Limassol

I could not write an article about burgers and leave out the pubs. Chester’s burger is a proper pub burger: thick, tall and a candy for the eyes! It comes with everything: salad, ketchup, mayo, fries and even onion rings! I am not sure if what tasted good is the beef itself or the entire combo but it certainly did satisfy my burger appetite. Read More
Amathuntos 194, 25635155, LIMASSOL

Draught MicrobreweryDraught Microbrewery Limassol

This pub-like restaurant in the centre of the castle area is a good place where one can enjoy American-style food. There are two burgers: the Black Angus one and the “home-made” beef and pork one. The truth is that, even though I usually prefer the pure Black Angus beef, the “beef and pork” one I thought was surprisingly much better with a more rich flavour, while the other one was a bit too “meaty” with a strong beef smell. The cheese and bacon on top and the tasty wedges are the great accompaniment for a Saturday lunch! Read More
Vasilissis 3, 25820470, LIMASSOL

BBich restaurant Limassolich & Three Dogs

I think hot dogs and burgers belong to the same “family” of food: an American “snack”, great for a hangover, for extra calories and for any type of fast-food cravings. This is why I thought the two hot-dog places recently launched off Saripolou square, Bich and Three Dogs are a big hit. Their burgers are more of the cheap and easy-to-eat-on-the-go. At 4-5€ with extra ketchup, mayo and a thick bun they are both indeed, a guilty pleasure! Read More
Bich: Platia Palio Pantopoliou, 70000 900 Three Dogs: Hadjiloizi Michaelidi 18, 25360460, LIMASSOL

 Cambana Booze & Cuisine & Kitchen Bar

I am trying to remember if the fact that every single restaurant and bar has a burger in its menu has always been the case, or if it comes with the burger mania that is taking us over. This means that burgers are present in almost every menu of the Saripolou square bars. Worth mentioning is the burger from Cambana, a recent arrival on the square. Its burger is fairly good of a decent size, served on a wooden board with a generous amount of fries. Kitchen bar a few meters up the square with a large international menu is another good burger option, if you get hungry while you are enjoying your drink.
Both on Saripolou Square


A relatively new casual restaurant that has the “burger” as its signature dish. I think it is good for a quick bite (cheap too), even though I certainly do not think it is the best burger in Limassol, which is what a sign outside the restaurant says. The burger is good value for money with a generous portion of fries. Read More
Arch. Kyprianou 1, 99261316, LIMASSOL

George’s Hamburgers

I find George’s Hamburgers to be the equivalent of Andreas Takeaway in Nicosia (even though Andreas’s burgers are-sorry Limassolians- significantly better): it is a made-in-Cyprus, old school burger served with extra ketchup, tomatoes and cucumber. I can’t say the “gourmet burger” concept applies here. This is more like the “burger which I like because it reminds me my childhood”!
Agias Zonis, 25 342440, LIMASSOL

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