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Best mountain tavernas for winter

Although a bit late, winter has definitely arrived. It might not be Siberian winter, but it is winter for Cyprus standards. Since it doesn’t last long, the minute it gets cold there is one thing we tend to do: run ff to cosy and warm retreats, preferably with a fireplace. I am not talking about ski resorts and chalets but the Cyprus-style retreats: mountain tavernas.
Since there are a lot of them, I find that there is not enough transparency as to which are the quality ones, which are best for their nice verandas or for their warm fireplace. This is why I wanted to write this article. To identify the ones that, in my opinion, are best for a cosy lunch or dinner on a cold day, the ones we should be Cypriot and Proud for.

Mezedes tis Marias (“To Korineon”) – 99608196, Koilani

Small, picturesque, cosy, family-owned. This taverna is definitely an all-year-round one as it not only has a beautiful veranda, but a warm inside space as well. Th   Maria restaurant Koilani villagee fact that it is situated in one of the most beautiful but not so popular villages is a big advantage as far as I am concerned as it makes everything more “eclectic”. Must-try are the “koupepia”  (stuffed vine leaves) and the pastichio (macaroni with béchamel and minced meat), all prepared by “kiria” Maria. Read More

Apokryfo- 25813777, Lofou

I would include “Apokryfo” part of the top restaurants on any list as it is a unique place for our little country. What would one expect from Vakis anyway, a not only well-known architect but the owner of one of the best furniture shops in Cyprus, Thesis. The décor is unique being traditional in an elegant and tasteful way, so is the retreat as a whole. The food is creative with a menu that changes often, and great for the ones that are after something different. Must-try for any season! Read More

Orea Ellas – 25944328, Vouni

Orea Ellas restaurant Vouni villageAs Apokryfo, Orea Ellas also offers “something different” in terms of its taverna menu with a Greek style meze and a-la-carte selection. The owners, being an alternative cou

ple that have been living in Vouni for some years now, obviously love creativity and innovation as the menu changes regularly. On your visit you should hope to try the fried Greek cheese with honey (or forest fruit jam), the crispy cheese-pies and of course, Yiannis’s famous “mpifteki” (burger). It is worth mentioning that the wine list if quite good too with a proper selection of Greek wines as well as a good local selection. Read More

Paliomouhtaros – 24323323, Agios Theodoros

Paliomouhtaros restaurant Agios Theodoros villageIt might not be in the mountains but even in the countryside, Paliomouhtaros is a safe option for any week night or Sunday lunch. The cosy and pleasant inside space with the large fire-place together with the excellent “meze” selection is popular all year-round. Must-try are the home-made macaroni with halloumi cheese made by the owner’s mother, the fried liver and of course the fantastic dessert on the house which is worth leaving some space for! What is really convenient about it is that it is really close to Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol. Read More

Symposio – 99404348, Pelendri

Perhaps it is the stone-made walls, perhaps it is the lovely fireplace, or the fact that it is really small. Or is it the fact that I visited it last year on a very cold Simposio restaurant Pelendri villageSunday and experienced the warmth and cosiness it provides? Symposio is definitely a fantastic option for a cold winter. Must-try are the wild mushroom selection as well as the excellent “kleftiko” (slow-cooked lamb). Read More

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