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Almyro Glyko

The Mall of Cyprus, 22570201, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Omirou 3c, 22680002, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 9:00-23:00, Sun 15:00-23:00

The reason why I don’t often write about creperies is only one: because when I go I don’t get away with a bite or two, but I usually go all-in. And this is exactly what happened last week. I basically saved my appetite for dessert and then paid a visit to an old time classic, Almyro-Glyko for an afternoon of indulgence.
What I hadn’t realized until then was that, apart from the classic sweet and savoury crepes (which are probably the best in the capital), it also offers a wide range of healthy, light and tasty salads and sandwiches…another addition to my quick-and-light Almyro Glyko Nicosia restaurantlunch options. Don’t worry office workers who can’t get a break, a delivery service is available.
The list of sweet and savoury crepes is extensive. I am not going to start describing the options as I am sure each and every one has a “favourite combo” in their head. The only thing I feel I should mention is that since the last time I had a sweet crepe, toppings like crushed oreo cookies, M&Ms and Kinder Bueno chocolate were also added on the list of extras. My classic dark & white chocolate crepe with crushed biscuits and bananas was, honestly, to-die-for…I am not sure if that was the case because it reminded me of my childhood (or rather teen-hood), because I was desperately craving for something sweet or because it was honestly fantastic. The soft but not mushy, hot crepe, in combination with the melting chocolate, the crispy biscuits and the soft banana was indeed a memorable. When I found out afterwards that they actually use flour and chocolate from France with a secret recipe that has been continuously improving. After all it has been open for 14 years now.
After discovering that it served salads and sandwiches I made sure to try them out a few days later, as new options for lunch are always welcome. My Almyro-Glyko salad served in a crispy edible bowl was not only filling in the stomach but also in the eyes Almyro Glyko Nicosia restaurant(especially considering it was only only 5.40€)! The generous amount of chicken and cheese was a good addition that raised the value-for-money bar, so was the crispy, edible bowl it was served in. The fact that there are 8 salads at around the same price with various combos and toppings I think makes it easier for a visitor to stay close. My “slim sandwich” served in brown bread with smoked turkey and light cheese was very good served hot with melting cheese. Saved for next time are the Italian with chicken and parmesan in ciabatta bread and the Club Wrap!
Even though I had forgotten Almyro-Glyko for some time it turned out to be a good surprise. The crepes were as I remembered them and the salads and sandwiches equally good. Prices that haven’t changed since 2009 range from 4.70€ to 6.50€ for sweet crepes, and up to 5.50€ for salads and sandwiches.
Delivery option is available from 9:00-23:00 daily, and 15:00-23:00 on Sundays

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