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Phaneromenis 70

Phaneromenis 70, 22663320, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00
Passing by it might seem like any other old city shop with random ornaments, vintage products and clothes. It is only when you look closely that you can spot the detail, the work and the exclusivity that is in every product. Phaneromenis 70 has nothing to do with imports, exports and resale ofPhaneromenis 70 shop Nicosia designer products, but all about creating a home for jewellery, clothing, art pieces, hand made embroidery and knitwear, books and many other pieces made by artists picked out by Kyriaki Costa.
The shop has been there since 2008 but Kyriaki Costa has been in the art for more than two decades since she studied Byzantine art and applied arts in Greece and the UK. Over the years she has, not only participated in exhibitions and fairs around the world but has won several awards. Through the art world she has passed through the design sector when a few years ago she satarted making unique clothing pieces. Even now when I remember her pieces there were all about printed fabrics, uniquely shPhaneromenis 70 shop Nicosiaaped skirts and dresses. In an effort to bring talented people together, in 2008 she opened her concept shop right by Phaneromenis church in the old city of Nicosia. In fact she never thought she would be involved in the world of trade, but the reason she ended up in it is simply through her fascination of creativity, colours, fabrics and images all coming together.
What you can find in her shop is anything from fantastic handmade jewellery and accessories, clothing (Kyriaki’s creations as well as tops and t-shirts by other artists), handmade knitwear and accessories, books about traditional and contemporary art, handmade souvenirs and ceramics and books and clothing for childrPhaneromenis 70 shop Nicosiaen. What makes the shop different is that, since Kyriaki personally selects everything and everything is made strictly by artists, each product carries a story and each product is unique. The clothing pieces are part of the world fair trade and Kyriaki is very careful and picky in what she chooses to sell in her shop. I personally thought it is a great place for a good and well-priced gift (since the are art pieces from 60€), for stylish clothing (including my last buy which was a black jumper with an imprint of the old Nicosia map and funky newborn baby grow suits for my new baby.
The way I see it is a concept store that could be a gallery, which is open all year round, offering tasteful, stylish and eclectic products, which represent art and creativity by Cypriot artists.

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