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28 Oktovriou 4C, Engomi, 22261000, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Kings Avenue Mall, 26952200, PAPHOS
Posidonos 18, 26943313, PAPHOS
During my 9 months of pregnancy (which ended a couple of weeks ago), I have to admit to having developed a bit of a sweet tooth. My regular trips to Crepaland kept me and my sweet tooth more than happy! Celebrating its 3 year anniversary this month, Crepaland has certainly managed to establish itself as one of the most popular creperie in the capital and as of very recently, Paphos.Crepaland creperie Nicosia
I am not going to say what makes it different, but what makes it special, which it is in my opinion, is the fact that it offers certain exclusive ingredients. Apart from its wide range of fillings (for both sweet and savoury crepes), in my opinion the “health-conscious” option including a whole-wheat crepe, and low calorie combos like “Tahini”, honey and walnuts or turkey, mozzarella and tomatoes gives it an edge. It has managed to kept its quality at high levels with fresh ingredients that arrive daily, and a crepe recipe source from its mother creperie in Kefallonia island. Even though its sweet crepes are a best seller, the wide range of savory crepes is a great option for lunch (especially as it also offers a delivery service).
My sweet crepe with dark chocolate and walnuts was delicious, not as a heavy as one would expect as the crepe itself Crepa Landis quite thin and crispy, with a bitter-sweet chocolate flavour. In fact, I only later found out that the lighter than usual crepe is one of the reasons why Crepaland is such a success. I would like to go back and try something more interesting like praline mastic, sour cherry or Bueno chocolate to be honest, at least be a bit less boring!
All in all the creperie spree was once more, a success while the diet …not so much. Nevertheless, I don’t plan to leave it out but rather substitute my dark chocolate crepe with a whole-wheat honey and walnut.
Crepaland will be celebrating its 3 years anniversary this Saturday with a Live Link with Super FM from their shop in Makedonitissa this Saturday 8th of February from 13:00-15:00!


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