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Mocha Truffles (with Cyprus Coffee)

Hypothetical Situation: If I was stranded on a desert (or dessert – haha) island and had only one choice of chocolate dessert, I think I’d choose truffles. There are more pressing things for me to think about, like my laundry and utility bills, but sometimes these thoughts wander into my mind. I can’t help it. These truffles are made with a little bit of coffee to give them a slight mocha flavour. I made them with Cyprus coffee, but you can use any coffee you wish. They are easy to make. In fact, if you aren’t confident in the kitchen, I’d start with truffles. You will soon realise how easy it is to make delicious food. These truffles are great for large get togethers, particularly where coffee is served. Everyone loves a little chocolatey something with a cup of coffee, and these easily fill that role.

akstamp Level of Difficulty: 2/5
Preparation Time: about 30 minutes plus cooling time (2 hours at least)
Cooking Time: n/a
Makes about 40-50 truffles


226 grams bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
1 cup heavy cream
2 tbs unsalted butter, room temperature
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 tsp cyprus coffee (or regular coffee)
pinch of salt


trufflesandyulelog-10301. Prepare a cup of Cyprus coffee or regular coffee.

2. Put the chocolate, butter, salt in a bowl.

3. Gently heat the heavy cream bringing it to a very light simmer.

4. Add the cream, vanilla and 2 tsp of coffee to the chocolate and stir it so the mixture becomes smooth.

5. Let the mixture cool for 1 hr. Then place the mixture in the fridge and let completely chill.

6. With a teaspoon, take a little spoonful of the ganache, shape into a ball and roll in cocoa.trufflesandyulelog-1023

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