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Classy, tasteful and different, each piece carrying its own story. Babúl blu is definitely offering something new to the online shopping market. We have seen the easy-to-wear handmadeSodalite Bell Bracelet jewellery, the funky and colourful designer as well as the cheap and chic jewellery. Now is the time for something more precious, more exclusive, something that you keep for a lifetime.
So what is it all about? Babúl blu is a relatively new website selling carefully selected jewellery from all over the world. In fact, it all started in an effort for something more unique, other than the usual faux bijoux offerings. The creator of babúl blu was overwhelmed by all the fake jewellery that can be found on the web and wanted to offer something of higher value, that is not so easily accessible. Even the name (taken from a Cypriot butterfly species) is special.
The pieces are split into two categories: the assortment of travel and the filigree range. The assortment of travel, as the name suggests, are one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces from around the world. Countries Babul Blu online shoplike Tibet and India are only examples of places where Anna of babúl blu has selected jewellery made of Afghan stones, Thai bells that are said to drive away evil spirits and Myanmar prayer beads. The website also sells handmade pieces made in Cyprus using semi-precious stones sourced mainly from Asia and sterling silver.
The second category of babúl blu’s pieces are the filigree range, “… a hand-crafted, delicate method of twisting and soldering silver wires to create intricate, lace-like designs”.  It is an ancient art form whichFiligree Orchid Bangle dates back to 2000 BC. In fact, one can see the work that was put into each piece just by looking at the detail of the design alone. It is worth mentioning that all products within this section are stamped with a silver hallmark of 925 which represents the millesimal fineness and verifies the purity of the silver.
Part of the travel assortment is a third category of jewellery, the more “ethnic selection” which comprises of jewellery retrieved from Anna’s travels at lower prices. They are more antique-looking pieces  that are left as they were to maintain their history and culture.
I thought this was something different to the norm, not only because of the underlying idea of the online  jewellery shop, but in particular the filigree range combines an art form originating from Cypriot tradition with Cypriot raw materials to make modern and stylish jewellery for today’s women. Well done babúl blu!

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