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Lykavitou 1, Archangelos, 22819555, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun 8:00-21:00
The saying “it runs in the family” has a new meaning at Chrysovalantou bakery. If you have visited Kalopesas bakery Chrysovalatou bakery Nicosiayou can only imagine what Kalopesas’s mother’s bakery would be like! The difference is that Chysovalantou bakery has a more traditional touch with a larger selection of local sweets, cakes and pastries.
As you would expect, at Chrysovalantou one can find many types of bread and Cypriot pies, all freshly baked daily. Apart from their fantastic brown bread their croissants are worth trying. What did it for me was the massive selection of biscuits that occupied -literally- half of the store. Don’t worry about choosing the best one, do a “pick and mix” to try them all! Apparently I am not the only one who was impressed the biscuits as they are indeed a best seller. The Lebanese and Cypriot sugar syrup sweets with filo pastry are of course available, including small Lebanese bites, “galaktoboureko” (milk pie) and a traditional “baklava”.
You are probably wondering why I am giving so much emphasis on “Kalopesas” bakery if it has closed down. His fans Chrysovalatou bakery Nicosiashould know that it hasn’t actually closed down, but it has moved its best seller products to Chrysovalantou bakery, offering a “two birds with one stone” kind of thing. Meaning apart from the traditional pastries that you might have enjoyed since the 1990’s at the Chrysovalantou, you can now buy unique creations of Michael Kalopesas including his creamy applie pie, the fantastic mini chocolate bites, and of course, the well known “tahinopitta”, an all-time favourite.
The surprise of it all was definitely the fantastic pizza made by the mother. WitChrysovalatou bakery Nicosiah a secret “Montezuma” pizza sauce, it is offered in two sizes (30cm and 45cm) with a wide selection of toppings. The best thing about it is its thin crust, its rich yet not overwhelming taste and the high quality of toppings! Call the bakery for all-day pizza take-away and don’t forget to buy a dessert on the way out.
If you want to make your morning toast, your sandwich and your afternoon and your sweet indulgence a little bit more special, Chrysovalantou is a must-visit!

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