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Palati- Vasa Kilaniou

Vasa Kilaniou, 25943888, LIMASSOL DISTRICT
Tue-Sat lunch & dinner, Sun lunch
Food: [rating:3] 3/5
Service: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
Ambiance: [rating:3] 3/5
As with Lofou (the last village I wrote about), Vasa is one my favourite villages in Cyprus. The reason being that they Palati restaurant Vasa villageare both picturesque, with a very old, traditional look, small alleys surrounded by the typical, white stone houses that are becoming more difficult to find as time goes by. It is in other words an extremely well-preserved village. Another reason is the number of good tavernas found in Vasa – it’s actually one of the few villages that has more than 2 very good restaurants. Having previously been to Pyrkos and Ariadni, Palati was the third restaurant I was visiting in the village, and I must say that in my view it was equally special.
The space is simple with local elements in the décor. The stone walls create a cosy ambiane, while the glass veranda (which is closed by glass around its perimeter) is quite nice.
The food is once more the traditional “meze” with fortunately, a few special dishes specific to “Palati”. Starters consisted of toasted bread with olive oil and oregano, which was excellent and also “halloumi” cheese and Cypriot sausage were also very good. The “mougra” was a special highlight – it is basically cauliflower with sour dough – which was fantastic, and so was the slow cooked rabbit. Ocra with potatoes, spinach with eggs and kebab with “sieftalia” were Palati restaurant Vasa villagealso part of the “meze” selection and were all worth it. If you go on a Sunday you will also be able to try their pasticcio and also meatballs, two dishes we didn’t get the chance to try since we went on a weekday.
Finally it is worth mentioning that Palati offers a special “lent” (νηστίσιμο) “meze” selection that includes fish.
All in all it is a restaurant worth visiting. I can’t really distinguish between  the three restaurants in Vasa that I have visited, but if you want a traditional “meze” with a couple of signature dishes and excellent service you should definitely try it.

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