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Menandrou 5, 22445636, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00, 19:30-23:00
Food [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
Service [rating:2.5] 3/5
Ambiance [rating:3] 2.5/5
There is a myth going round that there are no fish taverns in Nicosia. As you would expect such a myth was a challenge to C&P and in the end, I would say that it’s just that a myth! SiPyxida restaurant Nicosiance my return to the island two years ago I have found more than 3 fish taverns worth visiting. As you have probably guessed “Pyxida” is one of them. Enjoying a fish “meze” in the city has, unfortunately, nothing to do with dining by the beach but I guess we can’t have it all!
In the case of Pyxida the food is the main reason to visit it. It offers a –somewhat- refined fish/seafood menu. For me, “refined fish and seafood” selection means that apart from the fresh, grilled fish, it also offers a “cooked” seafood selection, such as cuttlefish and octopus with tomato and wine sauce, and a few seafood pasta dishes. Let’s not forget the long list of shrimp dishes that include shrimp with tomato and feta and shrimp with mustard and wine sauce.
Our lunch consisted of mostly starters as we prefer to share small dishes, rather than order a large fish. The large “choriatiki” salad (which is by the way a bit small for four people), the “tahini” and the “taramas” that we ordered to accompany our food were tasty – it is usually difficult to get these dishes wrong -, while the fish croquettes were tasty with a freshly fried, crispy crust Pyxida restaurant Nicosiaand a soft and flavorsome filling. The highlight according to my proud Cypriot friends is always the small, fried, shrimp which was in my opinion a bit too heavy, although cooked very well with a crunchy outside layer. Finally the cuttlefish in ink with steamed vegetables was my favourite dish of the day and the fries with oregano were excellent being perfectly salty and crispy. I would revisit it to try the seafood and also the(hoping that I can finally find a place with decent pasta) and also to try the large grilled fish on offer.Pyxida restaurant Nicosia
Unfortunately the ambiance is not as good as the food. Although it is quite clean and tidy, I found it to be too dark for lunch and the décor was a bit too old school and classic for my liking. Sitting on the front porch is indeed much better for both day and night. I do like the fact that it is always full and buzzing, however.
The verdict is “go” if you are craving fish, seafood and good wine in a central location, and you don’t mind the classic ambiance, the “older” crowd (sorry folks), and a little bit of overpaying -something you get in almost all fish taverns.

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