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Limassol Marina: it’s here!

When I first came to Cyprus 2.5 years ago and everybody was saying “why did you ever come back?”, “there is nothing to do here”, “it’s too small” or any other bad comment regarding the island I would get upset. I remember thinking that these
people don’t know what they have…so NOT Cypriot and Proud.

Limassol Marina

This is why, looking at the new Limassol Marina I am trying not to be that person. I am trying not to say that it seems impossible for us Cypriots to do something right. I am trying hard. I will tone down my thoughts and try to see the positive side to it but I will complain a bit, I have to get it out of my system. In order to give you the positive aspect as well, I will use the “pros and cons” method and as a good salesperson does, I will start with the pros:

Limassol Marina

– The bright, open space does indeed give out a “happy place” image. Perhaps it is the wide pedestrian streets combined with the colour white
– There is a lot of parking including a quite good handicap ramp, perfect for baby strollers as well
– There are a lot of places to eat, have coffee and ice cream including relaxing sofas and armchairs, something appropriate for a marinaLimassol Marina-It seems that people have embraced it. It has been packed from the day it opened until today
– It is something new for which a lot of money was spent. I just hope some of this money will be “injected” into the economy, creating jobs and helping out the crisis situationCons
– The first part of the marina, on the side of Molos (and before the last round about) is modern with white walls and floors, steel structures and big cement boxes “floating” over the sea. The second part, which is basically right on the roundabout and between molos and the residential area of the marina, is somewhere between a colourful, Spanish neighbourhood and a Chinese village. Architecthural consistency: inexistent.
– Chains, chains, chains: café Nero, Pizza Hut, KFC, Derlicious, Yogen Fruz. At least there is “Pyxida” from the Nicosia sister
restaurant. Where is the Cypriot and Proud element people? Or at least a stylish and refined element? I am not looking for small “kafenedes” (traditional coffee shops), I understand that those probably fitbetter in the old city (and probably can’t afford the rent at the Marina). But at least a funky sushi place, a relaxed lounge bar…something different,unique and stylish.

– I haven’t seen any places with a sea view. Surely the whole thing is by the sea, but all the cafes/restaurants have views of the inside pedestrian street. To be fair, I believe there will be more places with a sea view in the first part of the Marina.

There, I said it. I am sure what is to come will be better as I heard something about a Nippon opening, an Italian restaurant by a well-known restaurateur and a couple of more cool places. There is nothing to do but wait and see!

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