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All Star Boutique

Ipirou 9, 25103481,  LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
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When I walk or drive around Limassol I always see cool shops that I would like to visit, usually selling furniture, crafts, jewellery or clothing. When I do get the chance to visit them, however, I find that most are not what they seem like. They might seem funky and unique on the outside, but when I go inside I find nothing to buy as their content is pretty and useful at first glance but ugly and useless when you look at it closely. Wouldn’t it be nice to find that shop that would sell unique pieces at good prices? A shop that would surprise its visitors with its contents, rather than disappoint them? A shop in which you can get eclectic pieces that would make you want to buy them all? What if I told you that that shop is called ALLSTAR Boutique?All Star boutique Limassol
If you are one of the people who are looking for something special in the fashion world, elegant, refined and sophisticated, a piece that, which when worn would make all the difference to your outfit? Then ALLSTAR is the right place for you.All Star boutique Limassol

At All Star you can find anything from “pre-loved” clothing, including brand names, independent designers, funky jewellery, signature evening or daytime bags and vintage sunglasses. A vintage Chanel bag, white Oxford shoes and a pair of gold-blue scarab earrings were only a few of the items that attracted my attention. And the best part? The shop itself!All Star boutique Limassol
Being drowned in franchises and chains it is refreshing to find a stylish place with its own identity. Marie, the owner, has definitely managed to bring her own personal touch to the shop. I have forgotten what it is like to go into a shop and be able to talk to the owner herself, get advice and recommendations, and even have a bit of random chit chat. This is how I got to find out that she brings most of her items from the UK, USA or Eastern Europe. She is constantly looking for new designers and new items (including statement vintage pieces), and this is what attracts a lot of clients regularly.

All Star boutique Limassol
All Star boutique LimassolIf you want to show off with one-off pieces that will distinguish you from the crowd with good value-for-money this is the place to visit. ALLSTAR boutique that actually supports its name! A hidden gem indeed.

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