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What’s new in Limassol

I know you can’t wait to try all the new places in Limassol and Nicosia, and since my stomach, my free time and Mr Proud Cypriot cannot keep up with all the new arrivals in Limassol and Nicosia, I decided to do a short article summarizing what’s new. These are not proper reviews or recommendations so don’t blame your potential bad experience on me!

Seafood bar (Four Seasons Hotel, 25858000)

For me this is the arrival of the year (if not of the past 5 years). Four Seasons has once again managed to create a place with elegance, quality, refinement and sophistication. This seafood bar “al fresco” offers anything from oysters and caviar, to sushi and sashmi prepared to perfection. The long wine list and the amazing view do not go unnoticed. Keep your eyes open for the full review!

Ladi ke Rigani (Makariou ave 163, 77778005)

After opening its doors in Athens and establishing itself across Europe, “Ladi ke Rigani” has arrived in Limassol to bring a Greek “souvlaki” with a twist. With a fresh, modern décor it offers Greek dishes at value-for-money prices right in the centre of the city. Do try the OO&O pita (olive oil and oregano)!

Prime Grill (Americanas, 25 315152, Germasogeia)

Prime Grill has been open for a few months now and it seems that it has attracted a large clientele of all ages. The large quantity of meat dishes on the grill makes it a good place for meat lovers. Try the steaks, burgers as well as American dishes like BBQ baby back ribs. From what I noticed the Cypriot element is present as it also makes “souvlaki” (Cypriot kebab) and “mpourekia” (stuffed fried pastry with sweetened “anari” cheese). The décor is clean and simple.

Como Osteria (Olympic Towers)

The tag of “osteria” was a bit confusing for me as “osteria” in my mind is more of a traditional Italian “taverna”. Nevertheless, I see this modern and elegant cafe/restaurant with an all-day Italian menu as something quite promising. And truth be told, we don’t have a lot of places like this by the sea front.

At the Marina

The Yacht Club (Limassol Marina)

Fortunately you don’t have to own a yacht to visit it! The Yacht Club, as the Crystal Lounge and Pyxida will hopefully bring an older and more refined crowd to the Marina. Or at lest  people that don’t want to eat at Pizza Hut and KFC! It is a bar/restaurant right on the seafront with a white and blue décor that fits in well with its surroundings.

Crystal Marina Lounge (Limassol Marina)

Owned by Breeze, Crystal Lounge also sounds quite promising. The group has done well with Nippon so I trust that this bar/restaurant/lounge will increase the available options for a buzzing and lively place for us 30-year-olds.

Hobo Mediterraneo (Limassol Marina)

Although it doesn’t look like an amazing restaurant as the décor is quite classic with dark brown chairs, the fact that its menu was originally supervised by the well-known chef, Skarmoutsos (from Master Chef) has attracted a few foodies. After I have tried it, I would recommend that you order pasta and the signature starters rather than simple dishes like salads and sandwiches (read the full review)

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