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Iras & Stassandrou st, 22422412, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun 18:00-2:00
I can hear you saying “not another wine bar!”…but why are you complaining? We like drinking, we like wine, we like to nibble so a little variety never hurt anyone. Perhaps if I hated Lola I would have complained as well, but the fact that it is quite pretty and stylish I am going to go with the “finally, another wine bar!” kind of mood.
I didn’t realize how much I liked Stassandrou street until last night when I was having wine on the sidewalk. The location of Lola wine bar is quite nice and central (right across Artisan’s Burger Bar). I also liked the fact that it is on a corner so the outside space is effectively bigger. The décor is retro/cool with a rustic vibe. Something between D.O.T. and Winerys. I loved that only a large wooden table with a beautiful vase on it containing colourful flowers occupied the tiny, inside space. The moment, however, that I determined that Lola is cool, stylish and different and made with passion and love was when I visited the toilets. I am not going to ruin it for you just make sure you visit them when you try out Lola. The attention to detail is obvious!
I keep saying it’s a wine bar but the truth is it also offers quite a few cocktails and spirits. Apparently the “Lola” and the “Jane” are must-try cocktails, while the “Hugo” was served in a beautiful jar. It was aromatic and sweet (although a bit too flat). The wine list did seem short at first glance (especially since they only offered Petritis white wine by the glass). When we politely complained, however, we were kindly offered Cono Sur from Chile at the same price. Also, we were quickly reassured that what we saw was not the official menu but more of a “test” menu for the first few weeks.
Lola Bar NicosiaFood-wise one can find 4 small dishes to share that looked interesting (all at 4 € each). Do try the spicy creamy cheese with smoked paprika, the tuna mousse with mascarpone and the pork medallions with mustard. A selection of cold cheese and charcuterie platters is also available.
I generally liked the overall vibe and ambiance of the place. The only things I didn’t like were the fact that there were only low tables – this did not contribute to a “bar” scene, especially as food is only offered in the form of small nibbles. I also didn’t like that the table next to me were playing cards and were drinking “frappe” at 9:00 in the evening.
Other than that, Lola is a pleasant addition to the city’s nightlife (or early-mid evening life!). Attention to detail, funky style and a cool location are elements that I am sure will attract the right crowd.

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