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Top Pubs in Nicosia

We have already done posts about the places in Cyprus for the summer and winter seasons and I think it’s about time we did the same for the autumn season. Living in Cyprus, we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy an autumn season. As the weather becomes cooler but not cold, it’s good enough for us to stay in the city and spend our evenings sitting outside with a drink. I also feel that I need something more cosy and winter-y at the same time. What would combine “feeling cosy” yet enjoying a drink outside? I think a pub would. As I write this I realise that there are quite a few pubs in the capital, accommodating different tastes and preferences. Here is a selection that somewhat covers the pub section (I will start with the classics):


Among the top 3 classic pubs in Nicosia. In operation for more than 15 years, Babylon has been consistent in everything (to say babylonthe least). The fact that it is in an old house in a residential area makes it cosy by default. The dark wood effect, the pool table, the low lighting and the soft, classic rock music create a relaxed ambiance for any day of the week.
Reasons to visit it: The relaxed and classic pub-like atmosphere, the fantastic burger, the chicken tandoori (with a special recipe created by the co-owner), the large garden and of course, the eclectic beer selection at good prices and the tasty pop corn
Iasonos 6, 22665757


Another classic that has been open since I first started going out (and I am almost achem achem, 31). Its location in the old city is platosunique, since it is one of the first places to open within the city walls. I absolutely love the retro pub look with high ceilings and broken bottles decorating the walls. The long, round bar is a classic with its regulars having their daily beer dose.
Reasons to visit it: the buzzing vibe every day of the week, the marinated chicken souvlaki served on a wooden board that has been its best seller since it opened and of course, the very wide beer selection.
Platonos 8, 22666552

New Division

The third on the “top 3 classic Nicosia pubs” list. Another place with a fantastic location and venue in an old house covered with trees in the centre of the city. What makes it really special is not the décor as such I think, but the vibe. New Division is very popular for drinks after 10:00pm (till very late) which is something that in my opnion, has kept it going strong over the years with a very loyal crowd.
Reasons to visit it: the fantastic alternative music (mostly rock), the lively and buzzing vibe, the cool crowd and the fact that you can go any day of the week and stay until early morning hours (no food offered).
Vasilissis Friderikis


brickyardA rather different kind of pub with its own crowd since it is quite far our from the centre (like a whole 10 minutes!). Because of that it’s more accessible to a lot of people, and more quiet. I like the strong “pub” vibe and the cosy ambiance.
Reasons to visit it: its large selection of food and of course the very good burger, the fact that it is a good place to watch football
Evripidou 25, 22593030

Corner Pub

I have to admit that I am not a regular visitor of the Corner Pub. When I was young(er) it was mostly for older people and now I feel that it is mostly for guys to watch sports and talk about football. Don’t get me wrong, it is still going strong after a lot of years of operation, still in the same place with the large front yard that becomes packed whenever there is a match.
Reasons to visit it: an overdose of testosterone, football and alcohol
Severi 48, 22665735


It is another classic but in a less obvious way. Another great pub for watching football with fairly good food and strong pub-like elements.
Reasons to visit it: its Irish identity, football
Zenonos Sozou 52, 22376625


One of the most recent arrivals in the old city. Although in a rather small space right by Ledras street it has managed to create a character for itself. I particularly love the brewfellasfunky décor that reminds me of New York, and the wooden benches placed right in front of the pub that are fantastic for a relaxed drink.
Reasons to visit it: the funky atmosphere, the relaxed vibe and the alternative (and fantastic) beer selection (no food on offer).
Pygmalionos 7, 22264007


I think it’s more of a sports bar, but the fact that it shows football all the time, it offers large American food platters with greasy food that tastes absolutely great and everyone drinks beer (and a lot of it), made me include it in my pub list.
Reasons to visit it: the accessible central location with a lot of parking space, the fact that it shows A LOT of football, the great American style food selection
Mikinon, 7006300

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