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Coffee at Jubilee Hotel

Troodos Mountains
Mon-Sun 9:00-22:00
While entering the Jubilee Hotel on a Sunday afternoon last week I realised that the last time I had visited the hotel was when I was 13. That was at the well-known educational Jubilee weeks for kids (if you were a child in the 1990’s you probably-at least heard of them!). A blast from the past is an understatement.
It was obvious that they have done some sort of renovation but to tell you the truth, it hasn’t changed that much. For those of you who have never been to Jubilee: it is a small hotel/motel at the highest point above sea level of the island, right at the top of Mount Olympus. If you have a luxury chalet in mind, forget it although it would have been a fantastic classic, chalet. The small lobby with the brown armchairs is still there and so is the large restaurant space with white marble floors that is something between a retro/cool restaurant and an old-school kitchen. The back space consist of a café/bar area and besides the newly painted burgundy walls it is exactly as I remembered it! The dark wooden bar and tables work fantastically well with the surrounding scenery and despite the renovation, it has managed to keep a classic, retro-that-looks-a-bit-haunted yet cosy-in-a-clumsy-way ambiance.
Jubilee Hotel CyprusAs far as coffees and teas you can find the usual suspects in terms of coffee: instant coffee, espresso variants, filter coffee, Cyprus coffee and local tea. The menu simply said “juices” so I imagine they mean carton juice. Beer and snacks like toasted sandwiches and burger are also offered if you are really hungry, although I would stick to the basics.
Jubilee Hotel CyprusThere is not much more that can be said about the Jubilee hotel, except that if you go for a day trip or an afternoon coffee Jubilee is worth it. Don’t expect to find a hip and happening vibe (we were the only people there) and don’t expect to pay 1-2€ for a coffee (we paid 7.50€ for two instant coffees). Do expect however, to have your coffee right in the middle of the woods with a beautiful scenery of the Cyprus greenery.

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