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Road trip-ping towards Kelefou bridge

As you have probably noticed I like exploring our little island. I like visiting new villages, new tavernas and generally new places. The truth is however, that I haven’t been anywhere new for a long time. That’s partly due to Mr Proud Cypriot insisting on going to the same lunch places again and again, and also because most of my trips are done spontaneously therefore not leaving me too much time for advance research. And let’s face it, some research needs to be done- even in Cyprus.
To cut the long story short, my “new season’s resolution” is to visit a new place in Cyprus at least once a month. It doesn’t have to be a taverna in the mountains. It can be a village, a winery, a new route, or (as in this case) an ancient stone bridge.
If you haven’t visited Kelefou (or Tzielefou) bridge, you have probably heard of it. If you haven’t heard of it, seriously, what’s wrong with you? You absolutely have to visit it! The bridge itself is a really beautiful, old, Venetian stone bridge from with a small creek running under it.
Kelefou, Elias and Roudhias are three Venetian bridges over an area of 17km from Kaminaria tou Vretsia. As far as we know they were probably built in the 15th century by the church (and certainly the only one who could have afforded to bring labourers to construct such bridges at the time). At Kelefos bridge you can also find a map by the forestry department that leads you to a Venetian Bridge Trail. The whole walk is well marked so pretty easy to do.kelefou3Don’t expect to see something massive but something small and picturesque, a hidden gem in my opinion. My favourite thing about it is the route towards the bridge. Although you the route doesn’t take you that high up in the mountains (especially if driving through Limassol), the road leading towards the bridge is full of cypress and pine trees. At one point it actually feels like you are not in Cyprus at all (remember this at the point where the dam becomes visible).
Kelefou BridgeI will not go on and on about how pretty it is and what it looks like but I will tell you how to get there:
From Limassol (around 30 minutes): take the exit to Kantou, follow the road to Omodos until you see signs to Agios Nikolaos and Arsos village. At Agios Nikolaos you will see signs to Kelefou bridge, follow the signs for 5-10 minutes and you will reach your destination.
From Nicosia (1hr+): follow the signs to Karvounas village and Amiantos. When you reach Saittas village cross towards Pera Pedi and after that follow the signs to Omodos. After Omodos follow the signs to Agios Nikolaos that will lead you to Kelefou Bridge.

Where to eat around there

We can’t do sight seeing without a lunch stop-over. We went to Ariadni in Vasa but you can visit Omodos for lunch, Kilani or Arsos (although I haven’t yet tried the latter myself). Rumour also has it that Mamonia village has a beautiful café/bar. Stay tuned for the following post!

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