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Bavarian Delicatessen

Tagmatarchou Pouliou 16, 22773139, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri 9:00-19:00, Wed & Sat 9:00-14:30
It’s specialised, it’s different and the owners have more than 20 years of experience. Whatever it is they have set out to do, it’s done right. To my mind, this place is fantastic due to a number of reasons including the variety and quality of the products on offer and in particular the home-made sausages, the large selection of gourmet jarred and tinned food and their seasonal offerings which if you haven’t yet tried you are missing out big time!
Bavarian Delicatessen Nicosia I like the fact that they have never tried to adapt or mimic anything else that is available in Cyprus. They kept a strong German element in both the decoration and the products on sale, keeping a consistency in their offering and creating individuality. The family that owns it do have authentic German blood in them and it shows. Even the decoration brings out a Bavarian vibe as the dark wood together with the dark red and blue colours used for the decor fit well with the concept of the store.
Bavarian is a food shop, a wine shop that offers food in cases, a catering house but above all, it is a delicatessen. It imports its large cheese selection from France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. The owners of Bavarian make a lot of the charcuterie selection such as most of the salami, in in-house. Dry, cured meat like jamon and prosciutto is of course imported as in order to ensure quality it has to come from the country of origin. What is also made in-house are the well-known German sausages, one of the reasons that Bavarian is unique. Delicious, spicy, plain, or with cheese are examples of sausages that are available daily.
Bavarian Delicatessen Nicosia

Bavarian Delicatessen Nicosia If you don’t want to cook them at home and prefer to enjoy them cooked right there to have them over a cold beer Bavarian is open for lunch daily and dinner on Wednesday and Friday. Besides sausages and fries, sandwiches made with cold cuts from the delicatessen and burgers and schnitzel are also available.
At the delicatessen you can also find a very good selection of jarred and canned products. Pickled cucumbers, traditional sour krout (sour cabbage), a selection of mustard and natural fruit syrup are examples of their German imports. Most impressive I thought were things like the balsamic vinegar pearls, the different kinds of truffle, spreads and fresh pasta that make you drool.
If you want to take advantage of the large selection available and show off to your friends, hampers and gift packages with products and prices of your choice are also available. Finally it is worth saying that Bavarian offers catering services for small house parties or even events for up to a few hundred guests with mini burgers and sausages, mini sandwiches and canapés.
Bavarian Delicatessen Nicosia When I see elements that I appreciate like know-how, specialisation, high quality and differentiation I want to emphasize them so much that I end up rambling. I will stop here however, and simply say that if you love food, if you claim to be a gourmand, or even if you are exploring the culinary world, go!

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