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Uncork Wine

Pargas 7, 22252507, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 9:30-20:00
Cyprus might not have the wine consumption that France has, but wine enthusiasm has certainly risen over the past decade. To my mind, it’s a bit of a chicken and egg question: did the fact that we start drinking more wine lead to a need for more wine bars, wine shops and wine producers? Or did a high wine availability lead to us to drink more wine? As someone who represents the average Cypriot wine lover who loves wine, knows a bit more than the average guy, drinks a lot (when not pregnant which is quite often lately), but is in no way a connoisseur, I think I can safely say that it must be a combination of the two. The wine shops (of which most have a respectful wine selection and people that know their stuff) have indeed helped us become more wine educated.
The reason for this entire intro is that I have found a wine shop that represents our people’s evolution in the wine education and consumption area. It is, for starters, pretty. All you wine lovers might think “wine is not about looks”. I am just saying that the vibe of this place is good. It draws your attention, it’s modern and it makes you want to go in and have a look. It has the laser-cut wood planks that rise from floor to (high) ceiling and the place is dominated by a dark cement colour with wine shelves that extent 4 meters high.
Uncork Wine shop NicosiaSince “wine is not about looks” the first question I asked myself was “why should I come to this shop?” Firstly, there the owner and wine enthusiast was keen to guide us in terms of what we wanted and around the price we wanted it. We can choose wine according to region, flavour, price and occasion. The second question I asked myself was “what makes this place different to the other wine boutiques?” The answer is simple. Uncork Wine features a lot of wine producers from Spain and Italy that cannot be found elsewhere, including premium wine brands La Rioja Alta Premium starting at 22€ a bottle (a rather good price for premium wine) and the Italian Tommasi. They didn’t focus on Greek and Cypriot wine which is more widely available but on something which is harder to find.
Uncork Wine shop Nicosia

Uncork Wine shop NicosiaDuring my visit, I asked if it is also a wine bar. Apparently, although it is not, you can host a private dinner there for up to 10-12 people at a table placed in the shop itself and you can also book the space for a private party for 50-70 people for wine and canapés.
Apart from wine I noticed that they offer some premium vodkas, liquor and champagne. I was quite pleased with the availability of a few food options such as the Cypriot exclusive brand “pramatouthkia” made at Kalopanayiotis village (I thought the cinnamon squash and almond spread was particularly interesting) and also a few Italian gourmet goodies.
If it’s not on your way, I would suggest taking a detour and visiting Uncork wine boutique. If you do pass by I am sure you will be attracted to it and pop in to check it out just like I did..!

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