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Best Mountain Tavernas for winter – updated

All I want to do is go to the mountains and eat traditional food in a warm and cosy place. This is why although I wrote a similar article last year I would like to renew it. The list is not exhaustive but includes tavernas that I think have great food and offer a warm and nice setting for this cold and gloomy weather.

Ariadni – 25944064, Vasa Kilaniou

Kudos to Mr Proud Cypriot who discovered it and who insists on always going there. The main reason to go there is the food that always tastes like home-made and it is always served hot and fresh. Meatballs, pasticcio and “koupepia” (stuffed vine leaves) are the highlight Read MoreAriadni restaurant Vasa

Pyrkos- 25942655, Vasa Kilaniou

A good combination of tasty, traditional food and a cosy and buzzing ambiance. The white stone which the restaurant is built of gives it a very old and Cypriot look, something that is obvious around the village of Vasa. Although it has a fantastic patio for the summer it is also very warm and pleasant in the winter time Read Morepyrkos

Kilada- 25521303, Agros
Another classic, mainly known for its consistency, its great food and of course, its “souvla”. Do ask to be seated in the corridor that’s surrounded by glass when you call to reserve a table. Apart from the traditional “meze” that is always good, it is very famous for the fried pitta with honey served at the end, a must-try! Read MoreKilada restaurant Agros

Apokryfo- 25813777, Lofou

I would include “Apokryfo” part of the top restaurants on any list as it is a unique place for our little country. The main reason to go there is the unique setting as it is elegant and tasteful in a traditional way. The food is creative with a menu that changes often, something different to our usual “meze”. A must-try for any season! Read More

Simposio – 99404348, Pelendri

Perhaps it is the stone-made walls, perhaps it is the lovely fireplace, or the fact that it is really small. Or is it the fact that I visited it last year on a very cold Sunday and experienced the warmth and cosiness it provides? Simposio is definitely a fantastic option for a cold winter. Must-try are the wild mushroom selection as well as the excellent “kleftiko” (slow-cooked lamb). Read More

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