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Boutique Patisserie

Nikis ave 7D-7E, 22100333, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 9:00-21:30
Just as I started writing about this new cake shop I thought that perhaps I should skip the text and simply add pictures because you know how many words a pictures is worth? Around a thousand! It would only take a couple of pictures to make you drive to Nikis avenue.
You probably know by now how much I like food and how much I appreciate something home-made. Mariella’s cakes apart from tasting home-made, they look home-made and smell like home-made. Something you might not know is that she had been making cakes for quite a few cafes and restaurants for some time before she decided to use her skills to start her own shop.
Boutique patisserie NicosiaThe signature cakes are the cheesecakes and this is why there are so many of them. In less than a week I had the pleasure of trying the toffee cheesecake which was much lighter than I expected with a nice caramel flavour and a crust that balanced it out. The lime cheesecake was truly fantastic, refreshing with a sweet lime flavour – I could eat the whole cake in one go (and it’s not because I am pregnant!). Finally I also had the pleasure of trying the white chocolate raspberry cake, one of the best sellers that was surprisingly light in flavour – a true delight.
Boutique patisserie Nicosia

Boutique patisserie NicosiaAlso on offer are a red velvet cheesecakes and muffins, an Oreo cheesecake that looked tempting, chocolate cakes and muffins and another signature bake: the lemon bars that I am definitely trying next time.
Boutique patisserie NicosiaMy favourite part aside from the flavour and the cute, rustic/vintage décor that looks like Marie Antoinette’s living room is the fact that if you can’t decide between which cake to buy you can actually mix and match. This means that, if you are in between 4 cakes you can get a quarter of each cake. If you are in between 2 cakes you can get two halves and so on. Needless to say that you can also buy cakes by the piece.
Boutique patisserie NicosiaThe cherry on top of the cake (not literally speaking) is the packaging. Instead of using carton boxes and plastic bags, the cakes are placed in actual wooden boxes. Talk about showing off next time you are going for a house visit! Cakes start from 23€, a very good price considering what’s market. So stop reading and go get your piece of cake!

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