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Hobo Mediterraneo

Limassol Marina, 25051555, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Sun 9:00-1:00
Food: [rating:4] 4/5
Service: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
Ambiance: [rating:3] 3/5
When I heard about a new opening called Hobo Mediterraneo and the name “Demetris Skarmoutsos” in the same sentence bells started ringing in my head. That was about a year ago. It didn’t take a year to try it out, but it did take a year to give it a second chance. I felt that my club-sandwich-and tuna-salad-experience last year did not represent something that came from the well known chef. There had to be something more. Fortunately (as (almost) always), I was right! Even Mr Proud Cypriot (a.k.a. Mr High Standards), liked it!
Looking at the menu of Hobo Mediterraneo the other day I kept thinking why on earth would I order a plain tuna salad and not the octopus fava by Skarmoutsos? Or at least the wild mushroom tart with truffle? There was nothing left to do but give it a second chance and make up for my previous boring choices! Choosing starters was a difficult task as they all looked tempting. Out of the grilled, herby calamari with “tzatziki”, the wild mushroom tart, the cheese “saganaki”, the octopus Mediterraneo and the zucchini balls we chose the last two. The fried, crispy zucchini balls served on surprisingly soft and tasty grilled halloumi cheese with a light berry and yogurt dressing were truly delicious. The octopus Mediteranneo which consisted traditional fava from Santorini, served with capers, sun dried tomatoes, grilled octopus and truffle oil was more than memorable. Upon tasting the octopus/fava combo I knew we’d be returning (soon!).Hobo Mediterraneo restaurant Limassol

Hobo Mediterraneo restaurant Limassol We also shared a salad which was clearly a bit too much as the portions were large but it was worth it at least to try one extra dish. The light, sour berry dressing went well with the goat’s cheese that came with it, and the sweetness of the dried figs, a dish that could definitely be ordered as a main course.
For main course we decided to go for something special instead of the regular burgers and sandwiches. I did crave pasta however so we went for the salmon with saffron risotto and the herbed-crusted chicken which looked interesting. The chicken was indeed interesting with a herby crust, a light cheese on top and a selection of three purees: pea, carrot and potato. A generous portion and flavoursome meal. The salmon was the show-stopper with a very good saffron rice that went very well with the salmon fillet. Thinking back the good quality of ingredients and carefully prepared dishes was obvious from last time. Even the bread was served warm with 3 different dips.
Hobo Mediterraneo restaurant Limassol

Hobo Mediterraneo restaurant LimassolThe overall meal was one that went well with the ambiance and the setting of the Marina- much more than having fast-food in the chains nearby. I much preferred sitting outside on the comfortable chairs watching the people go by. I am sure that the fact that it was one of the first sunny days of spring played a big part in our enjoyment of this restaurant, but it was an unexpectedly special meal with fantastic quality of raw materials and fantastic flavours. I thought it was a restaurant that gave the Marina a different touch. Way to go Skarmoutsos!
Hobo Mediterraneo restaurant LimassolPrice-wise, I found the starters to be cheap at 5.50-6€ while the price of the main dishes at 12-15€ I thought represented the quality of the meal

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