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A Kxoffee Project

Pindarou 29D, 99559776, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Tue-Sun 8:30-18:00
Remember the small pop-up coffee bar near Phaneromenis School about two years ago? If you don’t remember it, it means you haven’t visited it. The coffee-passionate duo has made a come-back and this time it’s in something more permanent. Just a small note, when I like something I tend to exaggerate so be prepared for the rest of the article!
I will not dare to call it a coffee shop or a café. It is rather a place run by two people that offer high quality coffee and give you the opportunity to sit there and enjoy what they make. Fortunately, it’s not just coffee. You can enjoy their offering in a really cool, modern environment with highly minimalistic elements- something that I absolutely love. Substitute the rustic chairs and cramped tables -that you will find almost everywhere nowadays- with a handful of low and high tables, a communal table that can be used by people that go there to work on their computer, and 4 comfortable (and beautiful), blue velvet stools on the low coffee bar.
A kxoffee project cafe Nicosia

A kxoffee project cafe NicosiaThe menu is also “minimalistic” but it includes everything that a person who visits A Kxoffee Project wants: excellent quality coffee that can be served hot, cold, with milk or plain and excellent tea. Food that goes well with the coffee/tea is also available.
Let me first educate you a little bit (in the same way as I was educated when I firstly visited it). Coffee is very much like wine. Firstly there are different regions that make different types of coffee. Secondly, like wine, coffee can be described with words like “fruity”, “tangy”, “high in acidity”, “sharp” or “spicy”. Thirdly, something that I did not know, there is an actual committee that rates coffee depending on the farm and region that it comes from. If a farm makes coffee that is rated above 80 (out of a scale of 100) it is called “specialty” coffee, something that (surprise-surprise), you can get at “A Kxoffee Project”. Actually, if you have traveled a bit you have probably noticed the “specialty coffee movement” that has been going on after the early 2000’s that has driven people away from instant coffee and electric filters, towards espresso based and manual coffee filtering.
A kxoffee project cafe Nicosia

You can find both of these here, including three different types of filters that help release different aromas by using different filter thickness (all of which are on sale at the place). Espresso based coffee includes a flat white cappuccino, my favourite iced latte and of course, the plain espresso. Needless to say that the coffee beans are imported as green coffee beans and they are roasted and ground at the shop.
A kxoffee project cafe NicosiaI always have coffee when I go but if you are a fan of tea you will find a good selection of tea like the nutritions Macha tea with fantastic aromas and flavours.
The passion and focus on high quality that Christos and Maria have is also evident from the fact that they bring pastries and food products from different places around Nicosia, depending on what each place is best at. Croissants and “tahinopitta” come from the well-known Kalopesas (at Chrysovalantou bakery), bagels come from Qboo (where else?), and some cakes and pies are home-made. If they have chicken pie or fetta pie when you visit it do not leave without trying some!
A kxoffee project cafe NicosiaI believe this is the longest article ever written for such a small place. Nevertheless I thought it would be a shame not to share this information because if you like coffee and you want to learn a bit more about things you like you will be as intrigued as I was. Prices are around 3€ for coffee.


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