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The Cookhouse

Gladstonos 112, 25353434, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Fri 7:30-19:30, Sat-Sun 10:00-16:00
Food: [rating:4] 4/5
Service: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
Ambiance: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
I have been really looking forward to the opening of The Cookhouse for two main reasons: firstly, my gym is right next door so I have been watching it progress for the past 6 months. Secondly, I have been to The Brunch Club. If you had been to The Brunch Club too you would know exactly what I mean. That was only a pop-up, however and it was only on Sundays. The Cookhouse is the real deal.
Before it opened its doors it didn’t look like something special but once inside I was impressed. My favourite parts about are the following (in no particular order): (i) the really long bar overlooking the kitchen (ii) Elena, the creative chef behind everything who has done a fantastic job and (iii) the fact that it’s small. I also like the bench right at the front that separates the sidewalk from the restaurant. They have taken advantage of the little alley on the side where they ‘ve added a large bench for sharing. Part of the décor is old school white marble, something that makes it more casual and cool, and combined with the wooden furniture it gives it a proper “cookhouse” vibe. I can’t say I like the location as the street it is on (Gladstonos avenue) is quite busy, but objectively and realistically speaking they have done the best that could be done in that little space, on such a main street. Overall it is a fresh, cool and buzzing little place, with (thank god!) great food.

The Cookhouse LimassolBefore my first visit I was wondering if it would be just a brunch place, a deli, or a proper restaurant. Well, it is actually a bit of everything. Breakfast and brunch is served every day, all day. That includes dishes like fresh pastries, Eggs Benedict/Florentine/Royal, scrambled eggs on rye bread, their delicious American pancakes and (of course), a full fry up. It also includes proper main courses like a burger, a chicken layered with parmesan and prosciutto salad, a home-made veggie pizza and a seared fillet steak with home-made cheese ravioli (yum!). Fortunately, I went with my very good friend, Afrodite’s Kitchen founder, a proper foodie, which meant we could try out a few things.
The Cookhouse LimassolThe Eggs Benedict served on a proper English muffin were very good. The Hollandaise sauce was neither runny nor too thick (something that generally happens) and the bacon was well cooked.The Cookhouse Limassol The Vietnamese rolls that we tried, a random dish that surprisingly so, did not look out of place were very refreshing as the rice wrap was full of fresh vegetables. I did think it was a bit too plain for a person to order as a main course but a good dish to share as a starter or as a side dish. vWe also tried the sandwich with salami, parmesan and sundried tomato which was full of flavour, in a tasty white baguette. The Cookhouse LimassolFinally the home-made carrot muffin with cream cheese was delicious and a reason to return.
The Cookhouse LimassolWe also had a mixed juice each. Mine was with celery and ginger and had a nice spicy flavour to it. I also liked that it wasn’t 90% ice and 10% juice, rather the opposite. My proud Cypriot friend (aka Afrodite’s Kitchen), had a more fruity juice that was equally good.
We paid 30€ for both which was not too shabby considering we shared quite a few things. Overall we both left really pleased and with a feeling of relief that there is finally a casual, hip and happening place where we can enjoy good, home-made and not-boring at all food, every day, all day. This is definitely a GO!

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