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Enoteca Italiana

Agios Pavlos 63, 97713394, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 10:00-13:00, 17:00-19:30
Delivery can be done for acquisitions higher than 60€
I have said it before and I will say it again, you can never have too many wine shops, as long as, of course, they sell different types of wine. There is enough wine to fill up all the shops in the country. Enoteca Italiana has managed to cover a different market. I see it more of a wine boutique, a place for a selective and eclectic wine variety starting from a value-for-money 2014 wine, to a vintage Brunello that goes back to 1991.
The passion and devotion with which each winery is selected is obvious after only 10 minutes of talking to the owner. Maria Teresa is, of course, Italian, hence the origin of all the wine that one can find in Enoteca Italiana. Not enough can be said about the elegance, the history, the knowledge and the diversification that exists behind Italian wine. I would say Enoteca Italiana has taken a bit of everything, well-known fine wine as well as wine from smaller and less known producers.
One can find a selection from wineries like Emidio Pepe, a producer from which Maria Teresa has to reserve the bottles 6 months in advance as the production is limited. The grape-pressing is done on foot and not placed in wood but from the cement containers it goes directly to bottles where the fermentation continues. The wine is both, natural and organic. Other special and small producers include Etna Rosso from Sicily, another producer of natural and organic wine as well as “vino Sardo”, (wine from Sardinia also called “the new Tuscany”, the origin of Maria Teresa). Brands that will not be found anywhere in Cyprus include Barrua, Sardogne and Montessu of the brand Agricola Punica. Part of the “did-you-know-that” of the day is also the fact that one of the most aristocratic families, the Isolanis from Bologna that produce fine wine available at the enoteca descents from Cyprus!
Enoteca Italiana Wine Shop NicosiaFine wine is, as expected, available with wine from the well known producer, Trabucchi D’Illasi. That includes Amarone of the years 2003 and 2004, wine that won international awards for “best wine”, as well as Brunello di Montalcino of the Fattoria de’Barbi of the years 1991 and 1996, probably the most special wine that is available at the shop.
Enoteca Italiana Wine Shop NicosiaI would say that the selection is specialized as it comes from one region but broad as it includes several varieties at a range of prices as well. Wine from producers like Pala (Nuragus, Monica and Silenzi) start at 10€. And value-for-money organic wine from Trabucchi D’Illasi can be found in the range of 13-20€). Prices do go up to 150€ of course (which is also a value-for-money price for a 1991 Brunello!), for the wine lovers that want to try premium, vintage wine.
Enoteca Italiana Wine Shop NicosiaThe main product available might be wine but Italian traditional Italian liquors and digestives like Grappa, Limoncello, Crema di Mirto and Liquiri di Liquorice are on offer. Furthermore, dessert wine could not be absent from an Italian wine shop. In fact I was surprised to see dessert producers like Picolit, a winery that grows grapes that are so small and difficult to grow that makes production extremely limited.
I wish I could include all the information that Maria Teresa shared over the time I spent at the shop but perhaps it is best you hear it directly from her. What impressed me the most is how much there is to try outside the “easy-way-out” that is the Greek and local wine, how much there is to know about it and what kind of quality and flavour you can buy with merely 10-20€. Needless to say I stocked-up for my post-pregnancy-wine-drinking!
Other interesting facts that I feel I should mention are that Enoteca Italiana apart from wine, hosts several cultural and art events either at the shop free of charge for the organisers, or at Isolani Pizza bar, a restaurant in which Enoteca are partners. Stay tuned for wine-tasting courses with George Kassianos as well.


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