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Burger Opws Prepi

Aristotelous 9, 22100999, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun lunch and dinner
Food: [rating:4] 4/5
Service: [rating:3] 3/5
Ambiance: [rating:3] 3/5
I think this review should be as short as the menu of the burger place itself: if you like burgers this is a must-try! There is really nothing else to it. You don’t go for the ambiance, you don’t go because of the variety (“limited variety” is an understatement), you go for the tasty, high quality and full-on burger experience.
The venue is a tiny space off Onasagorou street. I can’t say that it resembles a proper restaurant where one can have a long dining experience of eating and drinking. It looks like what it is: a carefully done burger joint. There is only a handful of tables (3 outside and a few inside), but the turnover of people I would imagine is quite fast to avoid queues.
Burger Opws Prepei restaurant NicosiaThe menu includes one thing: burgers. There is a choice between a plain burger, a cheeseburger, a burger with cheese and bacon (“The Boss”) and one with cheese, bacon and a fried egg (“The Full Monty”) and all come in three different patty sizes that go up to 300g. The only extra thing apart from beers and soft drinks is a veggie burger and a chicken burger.
Needless to say that my proud Cypriot friend and I knew what it was all about and went with a full appetite. My friend had the cheeseburger, while I had “The Boss”, which included bacon. The fact that I didn’t try the “Full Monty” is simply a reason to go back! We both had it cooked medium with two toppings on the side: the onion relish and the chilli. just to have a bit of variety. Our meal came in a cool brown carton box but since it was quite pretty and cool it didn’t make the meal look “cheaper” but rather like up-market fast food. The burger itself was nothing less than what I expected: thick, juicy, meaty, flavourfull and rich. The brioche bun was slightly sweet and spongy, the patty was thick with not-too-ground, 100% Black Angus beef. It was quite “pure” without a lot of herbs and spices, a great choice for the ones that like the patty “meaty” and plain. The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was the bacon that wasn’t as crispy as I expected but rather slightly thick and soft. I don’t remember a thing about the sauces so they were probably nothing special compared to the great burger.
Burger Opws Prepei restaurant NicosiaWe, obviously had fries too as a burger without fries is like a pizza without cheese! When the waiter had asked if we wanted to share a portion of fries I thought that the portion would be massive. Perhaps he underestimated the appetite of two young girls! The fries portion size was actually average (without being small). I liked the matchbox-type container they were served in as it matched the burger carton. Burger Opws Prepei restaurant NicosiaThey were crispy and tasty, something that completed the burger experience.
Burger “Opws Prepei” is different in the other burger houses in the sense that you just go to have a quick, fantastic burger. I would definitely go again, probably for a quick and easy lunch or early dinner, and it is a place I highly recomnend. All of the above was around 11euros each (8.50€ for a 200g burger, 1.50€ for the fries and 0.80€ for water), which to my mind is a rather reasonable.

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