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The first Cypriot and Proud product is now available!

I love food and anything that has to do with it. That’s why the first product by Cypriot and Proud had to be food related. But let’s be honest, I am no designer.

This is why Cypriot and Proud is collaborating with the fantastic proud Cypriot designer, Anna Koumoushi to release a beautiful collection of aprons for both men and women who love to cook! You can choose from any of the four styles available. Together with the apron you also get a free wooden spoon. Apart from a super stylish, must-have item it is also a great gift, just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday, 10th of May.

Please note that there is a limited availablity of aprons.

You can see all the 4 styles in pictures below (all unisex).

What you need to know

Price: 28€ with a free wooden spoon

Buy the Cypriot Moushi Apron now:

Email us on or call 99482882 and we can arrange a pick up or home delivery

– Go to Suvenir shop on Ammochostou 44, NICOSIA (22 317777)

– Buy it online Anna Koumoushi’s shop here:

Cypriot and Proud aprons

Cypriot and Proud aprons Cypriot and Proud aprons




Cypriot and Proud aprons




Cypriot and Proud aprons


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