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Superfood Organic Bar

Georgiou A 79, 96363556, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm, Sun Closed
This is what I call a catchy name. Well, to be fair it is a good name in the sense that it immediately caught my attention, but a bad name in that it is not so easily searchable. Try googling “organic food bar”! The fact that it is in the middle of the longest street in Limassol (the beach front), is a positive thing since it made it very easy for my proud Cypriot friend, Afrodite’s Kitchen and I to discover it. And fortunately, it is what the name suggests: a proper organic bar in Limassol.
I’ll start with the positive things: it has a really long list of organic juices, smoothies, elixirs and coffees. Superfood organic bar LimassolThink of the most obscure superfood that you know, they have it! Kale, goji berries, spirullina, acai berries, guarana, lucuma you name it! As expected, there are some juice and smoothie combinations prepared at the bar, stated to be best for a number of different things: detox, weight loss, energizers, even best for getting a great sun tan! You can add or remove any ingredient or make your own juice. I was surprised to see power shakes using hemp proteins, chia seeds, maca or whey protein as well as organic frappes with different flavours like mocha mint, maple syrup or cinnamon. Just to throw a few more options in there you can choose to use almond milk, coconut milk or organic soy milk for your beverage. I ordered the Weight Loss Smoothie (only because I wanted something orang-y and sour) – it was refreshing and comprised of orange, pineapple, grapefruit lucuma, cayenne pepper and ginger was tasty, although admittedly it did taste like a regular orange-grapefruit juice. Afrodite’s Kitchen had the Almond Butter frappe with peanut butter, almond milk, espresso and maple syrup- a bit too sweet for my taste buds but she said she loved it.
Superfood organic bar LimassolThrough my 100 and 1 questions I found out that there is also a lunch option which includes a couple of organic (and obviously healthy), salads and some cakes. On the day we went, the menu included a low fat, raw Russian salad, a quinoa, mint salad with parsley, cherry tomatoes, sesame and pumpkin seeds and a Caesar salad. The mandarin-cashew cheesecake looked tempting but since we went for breakfast we had hoped to find something more in the lines of granola, muffins or even healthy egg dishes. We were in fact, a bit disappointed with the food selection. I think what would make this place great is more food and snack options so it could turn something like an all organic Silver Pot. Wouldn’t that be great?
Superfood organic bar LimassolThe organic drinks start from 3.80€ and move up to 6.80€, (and 7.80€ for drinks with kale). The prices may look high at first glance but being a consumer of organic superfoods trust me, they don’t come cheap at all! These drinks are more like half a meal. I was going to say “if you like these types of juices and food go”, but instead I will say “all of you should go and try it”. Superfoods and healthy living is the way to go. I am not saying ditch burgers for quinoa, but to my mind we should at least include these type of superfoods in our diet.

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