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Akakiko Limassol

Louis Apollonia Beach Hotel, 25323351, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Sun 12:30-23:30
Food: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
Service: [rating:4] 4/5
Ambiance: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5

You can also order online through yum2me HERE
Sometimes you don’t know how good something could be unless you experience it. This is how I feel about sushi by the sea. In this case I actually knew sushi by the sea would have been a different experience, I just didn’t know Akakiko Limassol could offer it to such an extent. Being in the newly renovated Apollonia Hotel gives Akakiko the advantage of the location by the sea, whereas the international crowd makes you feel you ‘ve left Limassol for a day and that you are having a sushi meal somewhere a bit more exotic.
The overall vibe is somewhat casual/cool with an Eastern touch that comes from the large wooden poles which surround the space and the colour red that I thought matches the theme well. I also liked that the chairs were comfortable and that, although the restaurant itself is in a large space the tables are placed in such a way that it creates different “areas” of tables. The best part is of course, the veranda as it overlooks the grounds of the hotel above the sea. It is one of those restaurants that is appropriate for both, lunch and dinner, something rather convenient since a light sushi lunch is not so easily available in Limassol.
The food selection offered is quite broad and covers of course a large sushi and sashimi option, light salads, some Thai dishes, a Japanese Teppanyaki selection and Japanese/Oriental main dishes. Needless to say that I preferred the sushi mostly because I love fish, especially raw and I love rice in any form so…there you go! Fortunately I had Ms Afrodite’s Kitchen there, my partner in crime, to cross-check flavours.
Akakiko Japanese restaurant Limassol

Akakiko Japanese restaurant LimassolThe Enoki Maki, a new maki with prawn tempura, avocado and enoki mushrooms was the first to arrive and it was quite impressive with a mildly sweet flavour and an interesting touch from the mushroom. Akakiko Japanese restaurant LimassolThe Cloud Maki that arrived after it and was made with smoked salmon and flamed cream cheese on top was eqully interesting. It was also the first time I had seen something like this. The flavour was familiar and the combination was good. Akakiko Japanese restaurant LimassolThe third maki that arrived was the Katsu Scallop Maki with scallop tempura and Asian herbs, which had more of a sweet flavour which tasted great in combination with the salty soy sauce. That was definitely my favourite. Akakiko Japanese restaurant LimassolMs Afrodite’s Kitchen was thrilled with the Black Rain Maki filled with lobster tempura, dried pumpkin and a light Teryiaki sauce. Needless to say that 24 maki pieces were a good amount to make us rather full. Naturally, we continued eating. The salad with soy sprouts and avocado was refreshing and a great dish to have in between the sushi and the warm dishes. Akakiko Japanese restaurant LimassolWe didn’t order as many warm dishes even though there was a selection of dumplings that I was craving, as well as my favourite beef Teppanyiaki that I am definitely having next time. Instead we ordered the Chilean Seabass which was a good dish to share, it was light with a surprisingly flavoursome taste for a seabass fillet. Ms Afrodite’s Kitchen approved this!
Akakiko Japanese restaurant Limassol
As if we didn’t have enough, we didn’t say no to the traditional “mochi” that we were offered. These rice dough, creamy and gooey delights are my new favourite thing! I preferred the plain vanilla ones to the chocolate ones as they were sweet but not heavy, a great way to end a good lunch.Akakiko LimI don’t know why it took me so long to visit Akakiko Limassol, perhaps it was the fact that the hotel was being renovated, or that I didn’t realize that you can actually dine there regardless of whether or not you are a hotel resident (you don’t even pass through the hotel lobby). I thought it was a great value-for-money solution for an easy lunch or dinner. The variety is so large that you can have a light sushi/sashimi lunch, a rich oriental dinner or a more noodles-and-nibbles-type-meal. This is probably the reason why Akakiko has been alive and kicking for all these years, they keep up quality and flavour!

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