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Where to go when in Protaras and Ayia Napa

Since I was a child on our weekends in Protaras my family and I always used to go to tavernas around the area. In fact, it is something we keep doing. I am wondering, why do a lot of people have this custom? Why not try one of so many international places in Ayia Napa and Protaras? Is it that there are nicer tavernas in Famagusta? Or perhaps that there simply aren’t any other good restaurants in the –now commercial, Ayia Napa and Protaras areas? I think it is a combination of both.

Being right in the middle of the summer holiday season I would like to compile a list of my favourite tavernas in Famagusta. Without further ado:


Sotira, 23828833
Probably the best one out of the list. It combines a pleasant atmosphere in a large garden where one can dine under a massive passion fruit tree, with fantastic, home-made food. The dishes offered are traditional but with some excellent dishes that make all the difference, like its home-made halloumi served hot and the home-made “koulouri” (Cyprus bread) read more

To Ploumin

Sotiraploumin4-640x425, 99658333
A taverna that, despite having taken years for me to visitI believe it is one of the best around. Try their fantastic “mousaka”, their fetta with tomatoes in a clay pot and their “afelia” (pork in wine sauce). Everything can be enjoyed in a beautiful garden in an old, traditional house in the village of Sotira. read more


Derynia, 23822046
Some argue that it is the best “kleftiko” (slow cooked lamb), in the area. I tend to agree. Although ambiance-wise it is very simple with plastic white chairs it is what Cypriot tavernas are all about. Try to ignore the very slow service and enjoy the very good food read more


Paralimni, 23821959
Another traditional tavern with good Cypriot “meze”. Reasons to go are the “kleftiko”, the tasty chicken and the freshly baked bread. I see it as a place that has a little bit of everything read more

Pieros Villate Tavern

Protaras, 23831616pieros
Pieros is good if you prefer to stay close to central Protaras. It is probably the only fairly good taverna in the area with a large selection of acceptable, tradtional meat and fish dishes. It offers “kleftiko” as well, and quite good pork kebab. I usually go when we are looking for something quick and casual nearby read more


Protaras, 23831145
Even though people argue that there are a lot of fish taverns in the area I disagree as most of them offer bad quality fish. Karas is not bad, Anemos was OK but I still think that Kalamies offer the best quality fish. Not only that, it is one of the few good places that are located by the beach. Now that they have renovated the place, (which was probably funded by my family since I have been going since I can remember), apart from the good food and the perfect location the ambiance is very pleasant with an all-white décor right on the beach read more

Napa Tavern

Ayia Napa, 23721280
The only proper taverna in Ayia Napa. I prefer to go there when I am after something more “civilised” as the restaurant itself is quite pretty. The fantastic patio decorated with traditional Cypriot ornaments creates a rather pleasant atmosphere. Having said that, the food is good if you go on a weekday (or Friday) with tasty lamb chops and a good selection of starters, but average when you go on a Saturday. The good wine selection is a big plus read more

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