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Spyrou Araouzou 123, 99601221, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
I hate complaining about the heat in Cyprus. Every single one of the 32 summers that I have experienced has been extremely hot. What’s the point spending energy in talking about it? Having said that, the past few days in Limassol have been even hotter than the hottest days. So hot in fact, (and yes, I am complaining), that I had to replace my cold coffee with fresh juice. And not just any juice, but a smoothie from Izzogood, my latest discovery in the super-food-juice-and-smoothie-parlour area.
IZzo good juice bar LimassolAlthough I have gone past it a few times I hadn’t noticed it until know. Being near the old castle makes it quite accessible (you can park on the side, get your juice and go). The main thing on offer are juices and smoothies with every ingredient that comes to your mind: fresh, seasonal fruit, tropical fruit, super food like avocado, chia seeds, as well as not-so-widely-used ingredients like cocao powder, lucuma powder and green tea extract. I liked the pre-selected combinations as it makes it easier for me to choose a flavour. I was in between the “Skin Cleanser” with Spinach, Pineapple, Bio Cocoa Butter, Bio Wheatgrass powder, coconut water, and the “Weight Care” and went for the latter as I always go for the more sour flavoured smoothies. With Bio Cocoa Butter, buckthorn berries, pineapple, mango, green tea extract it was kind of “new” and not so familiar in terms of flavour. That was mainly because with the cocoa butter that gave it a touch of chocolatey taste. I decided that my next one would be the Red Velvet with spinach, strawberry, beetroot, dates, bio cocoa powder and coconut milk that also looked interesting. If you are not into the thick and rich smoothie texture you can also try one of their fresh juices that mix fruit and vegetables and start from only 3€ for 400ml, a price that I thought was quite low, given market prices of fresh, mixed fruit juices (that are usually 5€ plus)
IZzo good juice bar LimassolApart from drinks you can also find locally made ice-cream, freshly prepared sandwiches with a choice of bread that include traditional ones with “lountza”, “halloumi tomato, cucumber and lettuce or lighter ones with tuna or boiled egg. Milk shakes are also available.
IMG_0658Anyway, if you are hot, if you would like something refreshing, healthy and fresh to make you feel better try it now! Also, If you live around Enaerios and the old castle area you can have your juice delivered to your door! Just call Mr Phivos at Izzogood and order your drink and/or sandwich.

Izzogood works mostly for take-away

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