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Pralina Confectionery Limassol

Makarios III ave 224, 25355336, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Sun 9:00-23:00
How did I not hear about this? I did I not know that one of the most well-known confectioneries and cafés of the 90’s and 00’s has arrived in Limassol? Before I say anything else, I should just say: Finally! A proper confectionery, a place where we can buy descent cakes and sweets in Limassol. Surely there is New York Sweets but let’s face it, the only good thing about that place is their brownies and their biscuits (and according to Mr Proud Cypriot, their éclairs).
Although Pralina Confectioneries no longer belongs to its maker, Mr Roussounides, it has kept the finesse that it originally had- looks-wise at least. When visiting it all five senses are satisfied, something I believe matters the world when tasting food: beautiful cakes and sweets are served in a pretty and luxurious confectionery and café by polite and well-behaved waiters. Don’t get me wrong, places like Mr Giorgos’s confectionery that sells “galaktoboureko” off the metal tray that looks like nothing but tastes like heaven is equally fantastic. Let’s just say, however, that, it is easier to like the food if it’s served in a pretty plate!
I liked the fact that there is a small café at the entrance of the confectionery as I believe the city doesn’t have enough cafés of that level apart from perhaps, Milk Bar and Incontro, also on Makarios Avenue. Although I would have preferred to have more options to choose from the menu suits the “confectionery” tag that Pralina has, as it contains a few breakfast options like scrambled and poached eggs, a few sandwiches including a club sandwich and a burger, quiches, pies and salads. I really liked my salmon sandwich served in a brown ciabatta and crispy fries on the side as it was light yet filling (and fulfilling). There was nothing surprising about the club sandwich as it was as classic as it gets with white sliced bread, chicken, bacon and cheese.
Pralina cafe LimassolThe dessert menu is obviously much longer and includes more than 20 cakes. There is something for everybody! Do try the Craquelino with chocolate, almonds and Tahitian vanilla (a Pralina classic), or the Lemon Tart and Tarte Tatin for something more “alternative”. Coffees and other beverages are of course part of the menu. You can’t help but notice the 12.50€ Kopi Luwak Espresso (don’t worry, there is one for 2.50€ as well). Apparently the Kopi Luwak coffee beans have been eaten and defecated (aka poop-ed), by a type of Asian cat, something that is said to improve the flavour of the coffee. Not sure how I feel about that, but I would try it once just to add it on my food-I’ve-tasted CV.
Pralina cafe Limassol To cut the long story short, Pralina Confectionery is the go-to place for good quality and “up-market” cakes and desserts, and the go-to café for classy snacks, sandwiches and salads. Prices are on the high side with sandwiches from 5€ (toasted sandwich) and salads up to 15€ (salmon salad).

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