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Cod Fish Tacos With Corn Salsa & Guacamole with foodhaus

Back on the west coast means I am being reacquainted with a lot of my west-coast food favourites. Fish tacos are very popular in West-Coast North America. They are both flavourful and healthy if the fish is grilled and not deep fried. I haven’t yet seen fish tacos sold in Cyprus, but there is no reason you can’t make them yourself.

Web Quality Foodsaver Fish Tacos -7170These fish tacos used grilled white fish – cod is my preference because it is so easy to cook and tasty. The fish is paired with a super fresh and tasty corn salsa that can be enjoyed on its own, and guacamole for a spicy creamy kick. Fish tacos are easy to put together and serve a lot of people; they are a real crowd pleaser! Perfect for weeknights, entertaining and also if and when you are fasting. Enjoy!

akstampLevel of Difficulty: 2/5
Preparation Time: 25-30 minutes
Cooking Time: about 10 minutes
Serves: 2 persons (about 6 large fish tacos)

Ingredients from foodhaus

For the fish tacos
2 Oceanpride Cod Loins
2 cloves minced garlic
1 tbs lime juice
1 tbs olive oil
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp cayenne powder
salt & pepper to taste
1 pack small Flour Tortillas
Avocado and cherry tomato slices

For the guacamole
1 pack of ready-made guacamole

For the corn salsa
1 cup of sliced corn
2 diced spring onions
2 tbs chopped coriander
1 tsp chopped parsley
2 tbs fresh lime juice
1 large diced sweet tomato
Red chili pepper to taste
Salt & pepper to taste


Web Quality Foodsaver Fish Tacos -71661. Make sure to defrost the guacamole and place it in the fridge until the rest of the ingredients are prepared.

2. Mix together all ingredients for the corn salsa in a small bowl and place it in the fridge.

Web Quality Foodsaver Fish Tacos -71343. Marinate the 2 cod fillets in the seasoning for about 5 minutes. Heat a grill pan on the stove to high heat. Brush the pan with olive oil so that the cod doesn’t stick to the pan when you grill it. Once the grill pan is hot, add the fish fillets. Grill for about 10 minutes, until the meat is white throughout. Turn the fish towards the end to ensure both sides are cooked.

Web Quality Foodsaver Fish Tacos -71834. Assemble the fish tacos. Take a wrap and add the corn salsa, guacamole, fish, avocado and cherry tomato slices (optional). Enjoy!Web Quality Foodsaver Fish Tacos -7200

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