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5 Things to do in Autumn

1. Do a road trip to the mountains. Autumn is the best season for the mountains. You can enjoy a change in the colours of the trees and actually experience the change in season. It is also the time to take a walk in the beautiful nature paths since it’s neither cold, nor hot. Some of my personal favourite routes is through “Stavros tis Psokas” and Cedar Valley, as well as the areas around Prodromos village.

2. Take advantage of your roadrip and visit some of the “tavernas” in the mountains. I would definitely recommend Ariadni in Vasa Koilaniou for a traditional, home-made “meze”, Kilada in Agros village and “To Palio Cinema” in Kalopanayiotis.taverna

3. Visit the beach for the last time. Mountains are not the only ones that are at their best in autumn, but beaches too. Now that the masses have gone home it’s time to enjoy clean and clear waters. Visit the beaches in Famagusta and Paphos and you will not regret it.Pomos

4. Have a lot of “palouze”. Now is the season of our traditional grape jelly- hence the numerous “palouze” festivals around the villages. Visit Lofou on the 20th of September, Agros on the 27th of September and Kilani on the 4th of October to experience its making and to have as much “palouze” as you like.palouze2

5. It’s theatre time! A lot of good shoes are on at the moment. Visit CVAR for the shows “Catrina: The last Queen of Cyprus” and “The King’s Speech”. THOK is hosting Midsummer Night’s Dream while “Trio in Porto Sueno” is on at Antonaki’s Bar in the old city.το τριο

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