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Ellados 89, 25746745, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Sun 10:00-22:30
After months of Mr Proud Cypriot’s nagging I managed to visit Manoushe. He kept saying it’s a restaurant with the biggest value for money in Limassol and I would be crazy not to review it. Better late than never they say. Around 6 months later I got to visit it and fortunately, I did not regret it!
The place is tiny with a relatively short menu, but what they do, they do it right. With 3 meat choices in a pita: a Shish Taouk (marinated chicken in an Arabic pita), Lamb Kofta (lamb burgers in an Arabic pita), and Toshka (Arabic pita with minced lamb), 2 traditional Lebanese salads and a selection of fantastic pastries like “halloumopitta” (pastry with halloumi), lahmatzoun and spinach pie Manoushe has managed to attract a very large proportion of the Limassolians who eat take out food. It is actually so popular that it has already got a “Manoushe wannabe” place near by.
Manoushe Lebanese restaurantThe Shish Taouk (marinated chicken kebab), with tahini, parsley and onions that I had was truly very good with flavourful and tender chicken cubes, a fresh Arabic pita and extra taste from the home-made “tahini” (sesame dip). The Falafel wrap with falafel that were fried right before they were served, was excellent, and my favourite out of the two. Manoushe restaurant Limassol

Manoushe restaurant Limassol When I saw the price of 3.50€ for the tabouleh salad I thought it would be a side salad, but I was shocked to see a generous portion, enough of two! I am definitely going back for a “lahmatzoun” and a “halloumopitta” that Mr Proud Cypriot swears upon (both of which are made on the spot).
I have good news for the Lebanese baklava fans. You can also find a large selection of small Lebanese filo pastry sweets (home-made of course).
Manoushe restaurant LimassolMy bill came to 9.50€ for a falafel wrap (2.50€), a Shish Taouk (3.50€) and a large tabouleh salad (3.50€), a fantastic value for money meal since the appetite of two hungry girls was satisfied.
There is a small bench if you want to eat there, but it is not a restaurant. It is mostly popular for take-away or delivery for lunch, dinner or mid-day snack! Don’t think about it too much, whenever you are hungry and are after a light, easy and cheap meal call Sami at Manoushe and you will not regret it!

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