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The Winery

7 Lykourgou 7, 22511925, NICOSIA, Mon – Sat 6pm – 2am, Sun 11am – 2am, Mon Closed
I know I say it all the time but it’s true: you can never have too many wine bars. Although Cypriots have always been alcohol lovers, we have only recently become such big wine lovers…and I am loving it! After two pregnancies in less than two years I am finally back to my old self, (just kidding, as if that will ever happen), but I am back to enjoying a glass of wine (or two) before dinner. My first stop was The Winery. The Winery wine bar NicosiaA wine bar that makes its own wine on the spot went onto the must-visit list immediately. I didn’t even care where or what it was, I just knew I had to go. Being on a quiet street in between Ledras and Onasagorou I thought was good since it took advantage of the old city beauty but stayed away from the noisy crowd. The décor is modern with cosy touches that create a warm environment. The Winery wine bar NicosiaI don’t know if it was the light-coloured wood elements, the tall bookcase, or the comfortable stools but it had an ambiance that made you want to drink wine! I thought the small back yard was beautifully unique and so was the wine cellar that was placed inside the wine bar, surrounded by with glass. The Winery wine bar NicosiaBehind the bar you could also see the equipment where the wine is made. Visitors have the option to try “home-made” wine, which is produced there and then. It is poured directly in the glass since there are no facilities for bottling. “Home-made” wine is obviously not the only option (in fact it’s not an option YET). The Winery also offers long list of wines from all over the world.The Winery wine bar NicosiaThe wine menu is categorised according to the type and flavour of wine, and then regionally- something that makes it easier to order. I liked the fact that the list of wines by the glass was also long and had several pricing options so one can enjoy an expensive wine without having to buy the whole bottle. Furthermore, it changes often to keep it interesting. My glass of “Assyrtiko” by Gaia winery was exactly what I needed on a Saturday afternoon while Mr Proud Cypriot did not complain about his Sauvignon Blanc by Alpha Estate.
Needless to say we also ordered a few nibbles. The food menu, unlike the wine menu is short with dishes to share. The arugula salad with figs and halloumi cheese with a mildly flavoured dressing was light and a good starter. My favourite dish was the prawns with avocado and mango, a very tasty one that was great to share. The glazed pork with Teriyaki was not far behind as it was tender and full of flavour so were the lamb chops. We tried to contain ourselves since it was 6 o’ clock in the afternoon but at the end we regretted not ordering the Black Angus rib eye and the fried potatoes with paprika.
Being one of the last chances we had to sit outside we thought we should take advantage of it. I am definitely going back for a drink on the bar to enjoy the inside space as well, especially now that (hopefully) that colder days are coming.
We paid 25eur each for 3 glasses of wine, a bottle of white wine and 4 dishes.

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