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Zacharias Pattisier

Ammochostou 17, 96822112, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri 7:30-19:00, Wed 7:30-15:00, Sat 8:30-18:00
Apart from Cup-a-Cake (which, by the way, now operates for custom orders only), I can’t remember any other gourmet or boutique patisserie or bakery in Limassol. Surely Pralina has opened its doors only a few months ago but I would hardly call that a “boutique”. This is why I was particularly happy to discover Zacharias.
It’s not really a confectionery or a “bakery” in the Cypriot sense, (a.k.a. “φουρνος”), but in fact a bakery in the French sense. Meaning that it sells muffins (savoury and sweet), croissants, pain au chocolat (that Zacharias calls chocolate croissants I don’t know why), gluten free/sugar free delights and of course, cakes on order. Unfortunately I couldn’t try every single muffin, (which physically I could do but I thought it’s not the best thing for my post pregnancy diet to have 5 muffins in one day!) but I did try a few. The prize goes to the thousand-layer pain au chocolat that was truly delicious, flaky, buttery and sweet. And imagine I am not even a fan of chocolate croissants! This makes my second favourite even funnier: the chocolate muffin. It was moist and rich, so much that despite trying to have a small taste, I ate the whole thing (on top of the pain au chocolat). The banana nut muffin was very good and a great, lighter option and so was the savoury, gluten free/sugar free bread (that was shaped as a muffin).
Zacharias Pattisier Limassol

Zacharias Pattisier LimassolI see it as a place to get a box of muffins and croissants from to take to work, a place to order a selection for afternoon-tea guests and even a place to buy your daily breakfast from (if you don’t mind the drive). Whatever the case, I liked it and I am going back!

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