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A day at Hamam Omerye

Tylirias Sqyare 8, 22460006, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Tue-Sun 9:00-22:00
I never thought I ‘d be one of those people who prefer working to the spa. The wake-up call of what I’ve become only came 30 minutes into my scrub and massage session at Hamam Omerye. Although I have been there before (and have written about it before), it was the first time I used the hamam and had a treatment inside the hamam bath and I must say it was well worth it.
Hamam Omerye is not a spa, and it’s not a beauty centre. It is an easy-going, relaxing centre where you can enjoy anything from a 30 minute massage inside the warm hamam bath to a full-day of relaxing, a quick foot massage, a scrub and full body massage, a head massage or face treatments, and even a glass of wine or tea. I had the pleasure of enjoying a scrub and a massage. What I was most impressed with was how quickly one’s mindset can switch from a busy-at-work mode into a zen mode. It’s like you go through the door and leave everything outside…magic!
As soon as you enter you are taken to your own, private cabin inside the main area to change (and before you ask, underwear, towels, slippers and a robe are provided). You then spend 10-15 minutes inside the hamam bath, which is hotter and steamier than the outside but not as much as a steam bath, hence quite comfortable. A special soap which is imported from Turkey, (aka Kara Sabun), is put on all over the body to soften the skin. After the 15 minutes of relaxation and tranquillity, 15-20 minutes are spent on a full-body scrub to clear the pores of dead skin and let it breathe more easily. The cherry on the cake is the full body massage the follows the scrub, exactly what I needed to switch off completely.
One of the best things about Hamam Omerye is that you don’t have to go there to enjoy a service, but you can go to the hamam bath, you can combine it with a massage, or even a glass of wine or tea! Hamam Omerye is exactly what the old city needed.

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