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Bistrot 55

Eleftherias 55, 25212100, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Tue-Fri 12:00-15:00, Wed-Sat 19:00-23:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-15:00 (brunch and lunch)
My job as the Cypriot and Proud restaurant blogger is to
1) list every single place in Cyprus so that it works as a guide of where to go
2) try to have as many updated restaurant reviews
3) review as many new arrivals as possible to inform you of what’s hot right now and
4) discover and uncover good places to eat, drink and shop around the country.
Bistrot 55 I think falls into category 4).
Although I have drove passed it and have seen it quite a few times I can’t say that I had heard a lot about it…and that’s the first reason it is a “discovery”. When passing by it, it did draw my attention since the black steel structure, the high ceilings and the overall modern/retro look made it quite noticeable. My favourite thing about the ambiance apart from the high ceilings had to be the comfortable sofas and the fact that it “feels” casual although you can go there for any type of event or meal. Finally the location on the edge of the old city is quite good since it’s central and easily accessible but not on the “commercial” side.
Bistro 55 restaurant LimassolThe first impression when sitting own was positive since the service was very attentive, friendly and casual but discrete, the wine glasses were large, made of thin glass, and the napkins were cloth napkins rather than paper napkins- something more appropriate for that type of restaurant. When I first saw the menu I must admit I told Mr Proud Cypriot it had to be an either “make it or break it” kind of dinner. When I see a very creative selection with complicated ingredient combinations I know that the chef has taken a risk, away from the “comfort zone” of burgers and Cesar salads. I respect him for that alone, but I know that I am also risking my dinner! Fortunately it was not a “break it” kind of dinner, rather the opposite.
Looking at the menu I wanted to try a few dishes, so I loved it when they suggested it would be better to share everything. Needless to say we went over the top but…this is what we do! The salmon ceviche that came first was an interesting starter with raw salmon cubes, roasted almonds, lemon confit and lettuce. I thought the lemon confit was a bit sweet for my taste buds but Mr Proud Cypriot liked it. Bistro 55 restaurant LimassolMy second favourite starter was the chicken liver parfait served with a mango sauce served with ciabatta was very good with an intense “liver” flavour contradicting the sweet mango. Bistro 55 restaurant LimassolMy favourite starter was the pork belly. Although the skin was not super crispy the pork was very soft and tender, full of flavour and very easy to eat. It was also beautifully presented with caramelized onions and pistachio powder. Bistro 55 restaurant LimassolFrom our main course selection I preferred the pan-seared duck breast with a fried, vegetable risotto, a very different-to-the-norm dish with generously sized duck fillets. Bistro 55 restaurant LimassolThe mushroom ravioli cooked al dente, with thinly cut cucumber were also very good- and I liked how it wasn’t served in the usual oversized plate of pasta. Bistro 55 restaurant LimassolFinally the pumpkin risotto was my least favourite since I am not a huge fan of pumpkin but respected the effort of making something different.
Bistro 55 restaurant LimassolThe hot, chocolate fondant was an appropriate dessert to go with our rich, winter meal and as usual, we devoured that too. I would definitely go back to try the lamb rack with a lavender crust, the jumbo prawns with orange and butter sauce and the stuffed calamari…but that has to wait until next time!
It is worth noting that Bistrot 55 also serves brunch on weekends, something that I am definitely adding on my to-do list!

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