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Stou Siantri – Limassol

Gladstonos 30, 25747410, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Sat lunch
It’s like God has heard me and is slowly but surely bringing my favourite places to Limassol. The arrival of one of the best restaurants in the “magirio” category is here to make me feel more at home. Surely there is “Sikaminia” and Gastra, (a more modern “magirio”) but no one can make a spaghetti with slow cooked beef or lamb like Siantris.
As a person who doesn’t work nearby I can’t say I was impressed with its location towards the end of Gladstonos street, as I am not a fan of restaurants on very busy streets. Being minutes away from a lot of companies, is I guess beneficial to nearby workers. That is also obvious from the crowd it attracts on weekdays. As at the one in Nicosia, the decor is simple with traditional touches like the wooden chairs and tables. The main reason one goes to Siantris, however,  is of course, the food.
Stou Siantri restaurant LimassolI don’t know what it is that makes it so good. I guess it’s a bit of everything. Firstly, the raw ingredients, which they use is of good quality as they handpick every single vegetable they use. Secondly the food is always made by a “Siantris” family member, whether it’s one of the sons or the father, and this is the most important thing. It is what kept the quality high over the years, it is what makes people return week after week. Fortunately the Limassol “branch” is owned and ran by the son Marios, the main reason why the food is not that different from the mother restaurant.
The spaghetti with slow cooked lamb or beef is equally tasty (and of course a must-try). The legumes (louvi, white beans, broad beans, lentils or giant beans) are also one of the dishes I order although if you go for the first time I would recommend you get something more exciting. Stou Siantri restaurant LimassolThe fried meatballs are delicious, small and crispy as they should be while the spinach and slow cooked lamb is right there at the top as well. Mr Proud Cypriot swears upon the fried liver and the “youvetsi” which is nothing but orzo pasta cooked in the meat jus…yum!
Stou Siantri restaurant LimassolI don’t pay too much attention to the prices because a euro less or a euro more when the food is great is not that important. If you live in Limassol, go and you will not regret it!
We paid 30€ for a salad, a portion of black eyed peas, a massive portion of spaghetti and lamb, a glass of wine and a large bottle of water.

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