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The restaurant watch-list of the month

My to-visit list is getting longer and longer! I don’t want to keep you in suspense, however, so here is my watch list for the next month. If you beat me to it let me know your comments.

Elma & Fred – NICOSIA

I am not sure I like the location but the concept, the vibe from afar and the fact that Petros Andrianou helped out in the menu creation drove it to the top of my to-review list!

Fogo & Brasa – NICOSIA

So much has been said about it that I don’t know what to believe! All I know is the Brazilian concept of meat being served as it is grilled right on the spot is new to Cyprus. This one is for the meat lovers.

L’Atelier – NICOSIA

Michelin star-type food, Parisien chef, food that we have never tasted before in our little island AND at one of the prettiest venues in the old city (the old Casa Vieja). My mouth is watery already. This one is definitely coming soon!

Pinakothiki – NICOSIA

Another anticipated arrival, or rather renovation. With a French angle (what Pavlos Pavlou does best), Pinakothiki is here to enhance the lunch, dinner and coffee scene of the capital.

Red Sheep Café – NICOSIA

I haven’t heard that much about it but it looks cool. Coffee roasted and brewed in-house is always attractive. Free delivery doesn’t look bad either.

Le Frenchie – LIMASSOL

“It’s the best French food I have had in Cyprus” was the first and only comment I have heard by a trustworthy foodie. And that was enough for Le Frenchie to become my next to-review place in Limassol.

The Lodge – PAPHOS

South African steak on a menu that makes me want to go to Paphos right now. Although they kept quiet for about a year this is all I am hearing about! Paphos here I come!

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