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Pi Bakery

Promitheus 12B, 22100430, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 7:30-18:30
They say food is about satisfying all 5 senses. I tend to agree. Seeing a pretty picture of a Pi goody firstly attracted me to it. The aesthetics and the smell of freshly baked pies upon entering created a positive vibe and finally, the flavour of every single thing I tried is what will make me return. Ok correction, four out of five senses mattered!
Pi is one of those places that are good all around, from the graphics of the logo and signs, to the décor, the presentation and the vibe (and of course, the flavours). I think the colour black (of the logo) pre-sets a sense of style in an elegant way without making it seem unattainable. The fact that the space is merely a long and narrow space with simply a bench on the left makes it a cosy, and is an appropriate look for a local bakery. There are also a handful of small and cute tables if you would like to enjoy your coffee, your pie or your lunch there.
Pi Bakery NicosiaPi Bakery is a bakery not so much in the Cypriot sense (i.e. a shop which sells bread to take home- although that is also available), but in the English sense (i.e. a place where you can buy pies, sandwiches, biscuits, bread and other baked goodies by the piece as well as coffee and tea). I was in fact, surprised by the variety of things they had. The selection of savoury pastries with cheese, meat or veggies was very good, a harder pastry that I prefer to the standard puff pastry. I also thought the croissant-type pastry with chocolate or «tahini» filling was a great idea, and so was the sweet or savoury «satzi» pies (aka πίτες της Σάτζιης). A good selection of biscuits was also available for the ones with a sweet tooth, as well as orange pie and a sweet «bougatsa». Pi Bakery Nicosia

Pi Bakery Nicosia§Everything is home-made by the wife of Michael, the owner so what is on offer changes daily. I was actually shocked on how many things she bakes daily! Pi Bakery also makes sandwiches and salads daily for the ones that prefer to have something else besides pies.
Pi Bakery NicosiaThe highlight for me was definitely the orange pie and the chicken pie. The former was delicious, very moist with a great balance of bitter and sweet, while the latter was equally good, to the point where I simply wanted to go into a room by myself, with a spoon and a tray full of chicken pie. The chicken and sweetcorn filling was covered with a thin and light pastry and it was served with a freshly prepared salad.
Pi Bakery Nicosia

Pi Bakery NicosiaThe bottom line is: try it! If you can’t go there and choose what you want they also offer a delivery service from 7:00-18:30.

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